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Good-bye 2011

I can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly.  It was mostly an uneventful year with a few exceptions.    A few highlights from the year…

Hannah finished elementary school, received the President’s Education Award and entered middle school along with starting to ride the bus to school.  Thankfully our house is right across the street from the bus stop. 

In April we added to our family… a sweet little Chiweenie named Harley.  While we were on vacation in July my parents kept our dogs and Harley got into rat poison.  Thankfully, the vets were able to help and saved her though the didn’t think she would pull through.

In September, I turned 40 then was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, went to NYC with a friend who also turned 40 and saw a Broadway show.  Sean and I celebrated our 14th anniversary in October. 

I didn’ t stitch as much as I would have liked but I did get some gifts done for Hannah’s teachers at the elementary school.

I have hopes to stitch more in the new year… we shall see how that goes.  I am hoping for a great new year. We have lots of plans from celebrating our 15th on a Disney Cruise to a possible move. 

Here’s to a happy healthy New Year!!

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Your help is needed

I am planning on stitching L*K’s A Good Marriage secretly as a gift for my hubby as an anniversary gift, but I can’t decide which fabric… can you help?

L*K's A Good Marriage


Chai Tea Floss Toss


Sandcastle Floss Toss

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It’s been awhile

I haven’t posted much lately because there hasn’t been that much to post about.  We have been getting ready for the holidays and that is almost over.  We put up our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving which is early for us.  We usually put it up about a week before Christmas.  This year however, we were taking it down extra early… the day after Christmas! We usually take it down after Three Kings Day, but this year during Sean’s break from work, we planned on painting the living room, upstairs hall and foyer.  (Next month… family room, downstairs hall and sometime the kitchen and spare room will get done.)

So that’s what we did… took down the tree, put up painter’s tape, repaired nail holes and what not  on Monday, painted yesterday and today we will be putting everything back in order.  I am waiting for the hubby to get up so I can vacuum, take off the painter’s tape, put the curtains back on the window (though the sun is rising and it is a beautiful site that is normally hidden by said curtains) re-hang the pictures & artwork and put the furniture back where it belongs.  I have been wanting to paint since we bought the house.  The previous owners repaired the nail holes but then used a lighter color paint to paint over areas and left big swipe marks.  Then about six years ago when we had the siding of the house done, the workers nailed through the wall around a window and had to repair that.  The paint was white and didn’t match, but since we had been talking about painting… it didn’t matter, right?  Except it took six more years of nagging to get it done.  LOL 

Finally, our walls are all one color, though not the color we use to talk about… we went with a color called “Guesthouse” which is an off white with a very light gray undertone because we are talking about putting the house up for sale next spring and moving.  Sean has a long commute to and from work and after ten plus years has decided he would rather not make that drive.  We use to talk about moving closer to his work, but wanted to wait for Hannah to finish elementary school. Plus we have put a lot into this house over the years, a tankless water heater, new heat pump, siding, fence, landscaping, stone patio and the sunroom. 

Part of me wants to move so bad… I want a bigger kitchen… we have a galley kitchen which drives me crazy because I have about 16 inches of counter space to work on…. don’t know how I manage Christmas dinner every year especially when I scream and curse at least twice a week that “I hate this kitchen!” making dinner for three.  But then I love many things about this house… when it’s clean :0)   So, we shall see what happens. 

Yesterday I started a new top-secret stitching project and I will be starting a second top-secret project when Sean goes back to work.  The first is for Hannah’s 1st/3rd grade teacher who is having a baby next month.  The second is for Sean… a 15th anniversary gift!  I hope he likes it.  He seemed to love the one I stitched for our 10th. 

Which fabric to use…

Chai Tea



I am hoping that everyone having a wonderful holiday season.  This year Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza all over lap together making it truly a wonderful holiday season.

Happy New Year!! 

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Recently framed and gifted

I stitched the pieces each separately, but had them framed together by my friend who owns her own framing business.  As always, her work is perfect.  After Hannah got home from school, she and I went up to the elementary school to give to her music teacher from 2007-2011.  She almost immediately started giving us the history of each clef… always a teacher.  :0)

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Since I turned 40 this year, I thought it was time to have a yearly check-up that was a little overdue… like four or five years.  I wanted to start the new decade off with a clean bill of health.  So about a week before my birthday in September I went in for an exam, expressed some concerns about how I had been feeling and had a pap smear.  My doctor gave me an order to have blood work done for which I had to fast before so I went in for that a few days later. 

I called to get my pap results a few days later… all was good to go there.  This is good news because I have had pre-cancerous cells and surgery twice before back in my 20’s.  This should be reason enough not to skip a yearly check up, but … well I don’t really have a good excuse. 

After my last exam and blood work I was told I had borderline high cholesterol.  It was 205 I think. So, I finally got off my butt three years ago because my weight was steadily going up as well and started exercising regularly and making some diet changes in hopes of bringing both the cholesterol and weight down.  I wasn’t losing any weight until February 2010 when I did the no carb no sugar diet (“Ideal Protein” through my chiropractor) and lost a little over 20 lbs.  I have since put back on 8 – 10 lbs of that which I have been unable to drop. If I no carb/no sugar it for a while I will drop it off, but as soon as I am not doing that, I put it right back on.  And yes, I still exercise regularly and eat a pretty healthy (80/20) diet.  Very frustrating.

Anywho, I called a couple of times for the blood work results, then spoke with the nurse because they weren’t on the call line after a couple of weeks.  For some reason they didn’t get them, but she said she would take care of it and make sure the doctor got and reviewed the results.  Later that day she called and said the doctor needs to see you to discuss the blood work results.  Of course they won’t tell you anything of the phone, but I was lucky and got an appointment set for a couple of days later.

At that appointment I found out my sugar was normal.  I was concerned and sure that wouldn’t be the case since diabetes is pretty common in my family.  My cholesterol had gone up to 225!   We opted not to treat the cholesterol with medication yet. And the doctor believed that according to the results of the blood work I had Hashimato’s Thyroiditis.  After some discussion, she gave me a prescription for this, an order to have an ultrasound and a referral for a specialist.   The ultrasound confirmed that it was Hashimato’s. 

I made the appointment with the specialist who reviewed the results of the blood work and ultrasound.  He asked what made me go to the doctors’ and I told him that it had been some time since I had had a check up and I was about to turn 40.  He said some thing about my wanting to know if 40 was suppose to feel like this.  He seemed to be amazed that I said I was only “a little tired and achy”.  Seems my numbers were “impressive” to him.  I guess I should have been complaining more.  I hadn’t been on the medication long so he wanted me to go back for new blood work after a few more weeks and then at my next appointment with him, we would review the results and see what would be our next step.

Symptoms of Hashimato’s include: 

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Pale, puffy face
  • Feeling cold
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Constipation
  • Dry, thinning hair
  • Paresthesia
  • high cholesterol
  • reactive hypoglycemia (symptoms include dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, irritability  which I had almost daily)
  • migraines (have suffered for years… though I have been getting chiro-care that has worked well in preventing)
  • muscle weakness
  • memory loss
  • Heavy menstrual flow or irregular periods
  • Depression
  • A slowed heart rate
  • Problems getting pregnant

I can pretty much check off each of these, though we weren’t trying to get pregnant and have taken certain measures a couple of years ago to make sure that there were no surprises.

So last week I had my repeat blood work done and met with the doctor on Monday.  Good news is that my levels are now within normal range (I will be on a medication for the rest of my life for the thyroid) and my cholesterol is 165!!!  It should be under 200 to be normal.  This of course makes me wonder… how long have I had a non working thyroid?   The doctor did say that with these results the cholesterol was a symptom of the Hashimato’s and not actual high cholesterol.

It has been just two months since I started the meds.  My numbers are good, but still feel some of the symptoms.  (I am still tired, but not exhausted.)  The specialist said that can take a few more months to resolve.   Looking forward to that.  I repeat the blood work and see the specialist again in six months.

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