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A Good Marriage

It’s finished! Though life today was trying to get in the way, I didn’t let it. 

A Good Marriage designed by Lizzie*Kate

Started 1/3/12 ~ Finished 3/22/12

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So close

… but not there yet.

I won’t be able to finish this until next week since Sean has decided he is working from home both Thursday and Friday this week.  He has been putting in a lot of over time.


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Going Green

I just finished the Lizzie*Kate Going Green project.  I love how the flip-its look all stitched together.  The colors are very bright.  I think I will be including this one with my upcoming framing order.

I would love to finish the A Good Marriage, but hubby is home so that will have to wait until Monday when he goes back to work. 

Not much really happening around here.  Sean is working long hours most of the week.  I am spending my time doing housework, working out, walking the dogs and stitching.  We are going to go and see The Lorax tomorrow and planning a day trip for next weekend. 

Yesterday I went to lunch with one of my bffs who is celebrating a big birthday today.  After lunch we walked around some shops downtown.  The first one had these beautiful purses and wallets.  I fell for one of the patterns, which was really odd because I am not a yellow person.  I decided to buy a wallet, but as we were walking around, I couldn’t stop thinking about the purse.  I ended up going back and getting it.  Good thing to because I had left my keys on the counter when we were there the first time.  I have never heard of this brand… pretty though, isn’t it?  They have a couple of other pieces I have to convince myself that I do not need!

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One more to stitch

I finished the Ride a Bike flip it from the Going Green project and I have started the last one… Plant a Tree.  I see a finish in the near future. 

Today my friends and I went to The Stitching Post for their Market Day.  I got a little more than I planned, but what can you do?  I also signed up for the auto on the three series I picked up today.  We went to lunch and then walked around an antique shop.  We each found a flower frog for our scissors.  But I picked up two.  One was black and I haven’t seen one like that before, so I had to get it.  But now I need more scissors.  :0)

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