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Winner announcement!

I used the random number generator to pick the winner of the La D Da chart last night and the winner is …….  SUE VERMEIRE !  Congratulations! I will be mailing you the pattern later this week. 

And for everyone else, I will be having another give away in a few days… I haven’t decided what is next, but keep coming back to find out and enter if you are interested in the pattern. 

(I am hoping that my husband, Sean, has fixed the comment issue and that comments can be left by anyone even without a WordPress account. He was able to leave a comment last week and he doesn’t have an account.)

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Recently a friend emailed me and asked if I would be willing to stitch a birth announcement for her to give as a gift.  I said sure, and later regretted it.  See, I had to go through my patterns to pull out birth announcements for her to pick one. And I kept finding tons of patterns that I forgot about and really want to stitch… like yesterday. 🙂  She actually picked a pattern that I recently stitched for a friend’s new baby.

I ordered fabric and it finally came in yesterday, so I prepped my fabric and started stitching last night.  I got about 26 stitches in before I decided I had to head to bed.  After sleeping in and then working out, I sat down to watch the last few episodes on Army Wives Season 5 on DVD so that I could return it tomorrow to my mom and started stitching.  

I got a lot done which is good since I don’t think I will be getting much stitching time in tomorrow.  My great aunt’s 90th birthday party is tomorrow so we will be out most of the day celebrating the life on one of the most amazingly wonderful women I know.

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A wee baby

This morning my friend called to ask if I wanted to meet her at the mall.  She is a daycare provider and is watching another friend’s new baby that was born in January that I stitched a birth announcement. I had things I needed to do and I hadn’t worked out but I jumped at meeting up with her, because 1 ~ she is one of my bestest friends and now that our kids are in different schools we don’t get to see each other everyday anymore and 2 ~ BABY TIME!! Hello?!?! Who would pass up getting to see a friend’s sweetpea?  I got to hold and snuggle and smell and love on a tiny little bundle of joy for two hours.  Now my whole being aches from the desire to have another baby. 

So in honor of getting some baby time today, I am having another give away.  This pattern is from La D Da and is her 100th design… Gabrielle Rose!  If you are interested please leave a message on this post and I will draw a name on Sunday evening.

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Last night’s dinner

I picked a couple of recipes for dinner last night on Ziplist and headed out to the store.  I made Cilantro Lime Rice (SkinnyTaste.com) and Chili Lime Shrimp Cups (inspired taste) and both were delicious!  I was especially proud that the cilantro for the rice came from my herb garden.

(yes, I know I need to work on my photography skills)

Sadly, today I noticed that the Cinnamon Basil that had been doing well doesn’t look so great at the moment. 😦  I am hoping that it will perk back up soon.  But I am thinking that I will be buying a new one soon.

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A wonderful tool

I love to cook, even though I hate my kitchen.  (It’s a galley kitchen and I have about 16 inches of counter space to work on, which isn’t ever enough.)  I love looking for new recipes in cookbooks, magazines and cooking sites/blogs online.  I am also in the very slow progress of combining all my favorite collected recipes into a binder.  But that will be another post. 

I recently discovered an awesome site called Ziplist.  There are recipes and you can add the items from a recipe to your grocery list email it, text it or if you have the smartphone app, sync up.  I have been using this app for my grocery list and I am loving it!  You can enter items manually or even use your camera phone to scan the UPC code on an item to add it to your shopping list.  I love finding a recipe, adding it to my recipe box and clicking to add the items to my grocery list.  My hope is that many more cooking blogs will be adding this to their sites… hint hint to The Pioneer Woman and Tasty Kitchen. :0)

There are so many features to the Ziplist that I haven’t even tried yet but I am looking forward to using… like coupons.

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And the winner is…

I used the random number generator link below and the winner of the Salute the Red, White and Blue/Treasures from the Heart by Jackie chart is…. Angela Prescott!!

Angela, please email your address to me at micsfan@msn.com and I will mail out the chart to you this week.



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We had a wonderful weekend even with the rain.  I didn’t get much stitching, but I did do a little.

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Red, White & Blue

I was going to save this one until the Forth of the July, but today I saw a photo of a house that I love and would totally live in.  So I thought I would go ahead and offer it as a give away.

Salute the Red, White & Blue by Treasures from the Heart by Jackie

If you are interested in this pattern, please leave a comment and I will draw a winner Monday morning.

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I just read the below blog post and I couldn’t be more excited!


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More gardening

I have always wanted a butterfly garden.  Years ago I bought one of those roll out seed carpets from a school fundraiser. I had the perfect spot in the back yard for it.  All I got was weeds. 

Since I am doing okay with container gardening, I decided to try again.  At a shop downtown I found “seed bombs” for butterfly/hummingbird garden.  The idea is to toss the bombs in an area and watch it grow.  The package also says containers work.  I had bought two large containers last year, so I decided they would be perfect for the seed bombs.  Despite the variety of things that have somehow made their way into the container… there is something popping up!

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