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Red, White & Blue

I was going to save this one until the Forth of the July, but today I saw a photo of a house that I love and would totally live in.  So I thought I would go ahead and offer it as a give away.

Salute the Red, White & Blue by Treasures from the Heart by Jackie

If you are interested in this pattern, please leave a comment and I will draw a winner Monday morning.


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I just read the below blog post and I couldn’t be more excited!


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More gardening

I have always wanted a butterfly garden.  Years ago I bought one of those roll out seed carpets from a school fundraiser. I had the perfect spot in the back yard for it.  All I got was weeds. 

Since I am doing okay with container gardening, I decided to try again.  At a shop downtown I found “seed bombs” for butterfly/hummingbird garden.  The idea is to toss the bombs in an area and watch it grow.  The package also says containers work.  I had bought two large containers last year, so I decided they would be perfect for the seed bombs.  Despite the variety of things that have somehow made their way into the container… there is something popping up!

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My new obsession

As many of my friends know, I have a tiny collection of Coach and Vera Bradley bags.  Okay, tiny isn’t really the correct way to describe my collection, but there are times I would rather not admit to the truth of it. 

Last month my friend and I went out for lunch then shopping afterwards.   We went into a shop, I saw a purse and fell in love with it.  Oddly, it was yellow, which isn’t usually a color I would consider.  I got the wallet but couldn’t stop thinking about the purse.  So, I went back and got it.  The brand is Spartina 449.

Last week after getting my hair cut, I went back to the store and got an iPad cover.  But I can’t stop thinking about a purse and wallet in a really pretty but more fall color scheme.

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Today I had to pull out all the stitching I have done since Saturday on my current stitching project. 


After ripping it

In an attempt to post more often and maybe increase readership a little, I am going to try really hard to share something in my life everyday. Now don’t get overly excited… I am a boring hausfrau, but I do love my life just the way it is. So perhaps it will be a recipe in addition to photos of my stitching, gardening (a newer hobby for me) or one of my adorable furbabies. 

I have also been slowly… and I do mean slowly… cleaning and organizing around the house including my home office/cross stitch room and in doing so, I have found things that I have two of or no longer interested in stitching, so I will be giving those things away here on my blog.  Sometime this week, I will be having a give away. So check back.

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A year of Little Bit

A year ago today, Harley Quinn Roo came to live with us and we couldn’t be happier that she is a part of our family!

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So today I decided to stop by Home Depot and see what herbs they had and picked up several choices.  Sweet Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Spicy Basil and Boxwood Basil, Orange Mint, Parsley, Rosemary, Cilantro and Greek Oregano.  I planted them this afternoon.  Can’t wait to actually use them.  🙂  I still want to get Thyme, Sage and Chives.

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