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So last year when the staff at Waverley gave me a hibiscus plant as a thank you the little insert said that it was an annual.  However, I read online that you were to bring the plant in during the winter and trim the branches.  So I had Sean bring it in and after it stopped blooming, I trimmed the branches.  Half of it was totally dead, but the other half still had leaves on the branches, so as the weather warmed up, I took it back out side.   Someone recently told me that if I trimmed off the dead half, it would be fine.  I had been planning on doing that sometime. 

We have been getting a bit of rain on and off, which has been great for my plants.  But last night we had a thunderstorm that I noticed while out this morning brought down some pretty large limbs in the neighborhood, so after we took the dogs for their morning walk, I went out to check around the back yard.  The first thing I noticed was my rosebush.  A week ago it looked like this….

Two days ago, it looked like this…

Today it looks like this…

When I turned around to go in to get the camera, I saw this!

After taking the pictures, I looked really close and counted 40 buds!  When Hannah got home from school, I went out to show her, then decided it was time to trim the dead half off.  Then I added some fresh garden soil with feed.  

I also noticed the tomatoes are really growing fast. It might be hard to tell, but they are getting bigger.  They are about twice the size of a cherry tomato.


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Almost two months ago my friend Trisha lost her battle with a brain tumor.  She was truly an amazing woman who radiated her love of God and her family.  She enjoyed life and one of the things she enjoyed was gardening.  Last year when the school gifted me with a hibiscus plant, the combination of that and my friend’s love of gardening inspired me to try one more time with gardening.  I have always wanted a garden but sadly never had much success.  I started with just a few containers and did okay, so this year I couldn’t wait to get back out there and plant.  I have done a lot more than a few containers this year.  I have a decent herb garden, attempting to have a Butterfly Garden that is trying really hard to grow, have a hanging tomato plant that is doing okay.  

On Mother’s Day there was a lovely memorial service for my friend and each family was given a memorial card with a packet of seeds. I have no idea what is going to bloom from these seeds and can’t wait to find out. I went out and bought a planter and finally planted them last week.  Two days later I saw signs of growth already and yesterday it looked like this…

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Sunday’s progess

For the second Sunday in a row, I stitched on And They Sinned and made a little more progress on it. 

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We wanted to do something this weekend that we hadn’t done in a while and I wanted to picnic, so Sean suggested heading down to the zoo with a picnic. We got up at 6AM yesterday, walked the dogs, showered, dressed, packed the cooler with fruit salad & tortilla rolls I made, fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies, chips and lemon squares and plenty of water. We got to the zoo about two hours before it officially opened and was able to walk around a bit before the heat and crowds. Then we picnicked there before heading to get frozen yogurt and home. I took tons of pictures and some came out pretty good. Here is a slide show of some of my favorites.

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Hannah has been wanting to plant a tomato plant forever.  One year I bought one of those “as seen on TV” topsy-turvy tomato plants… it’s still in the box in the kitchen. I am not even sure if it is good still.   A few weeks ago, I stopped in Lowes and they had an upside down already started tomato plant.  I got one and hung it up outside.  A day or two later there were three of four little yellow flowers on them.  Two days ago after it rained, I went out to check the plants.  I have a couple that don’t drain and I have to tip them.  So while I was out there I noticed….

Today they look like this…


I also noticed that several of the flowers that haven’t bloomed in over a month are about to exploded with flowers.

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After last week’s STNA Blog Hop subject about floor stands, I decided to pull out the long neglected And They Sinned UFO and put in on the stand last night to stitch on while watching TV for a couple of hours.  I didn’t get much done.  I had to work out the floor stand situation.  It really doesn’t work keeping it by my chair, but I finally managed to get it where I could work on it, but if I am going to be using the floor stand I need to store it somewhere else in the living room when I am not using it.  To much work to pull it out and set it up with it being next to my chair when not in use.  Did any of that make any sense?  I can’t maneuver it from where it is by my chair easily to get it in a comfy stitching position without having to move my recliner from its spot and then putting it back.  Anyway….

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My friend who does my framing stopped by today with two of my pieces she is framing for me.  She also took another piece to frame.

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So, I have been busy with stuff around the house, in the garden, reading, volunteering at Hannah’s old school, things like that but I have still been stitching a little here and there.  I thought I would share a progress picture of what I am currently working on as a gift for a friend having her first baby in August.  This is Bent Creek’s Baby Row.  I have changed the one color from Galvanized to Antique Rose.

After answering the STNA Blog Hop question the other day, I decided… I am going to get back to stitching on And They Sinned.  I think I am going to make Sundays the day I stitch on it.  I think I should finish it in about…. 10 years.  🙂   Here is where I am as of right now.  I honestly can’t recall when I last worked on this project. 

And just for the fun of it… a couple of photos from the garden.

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A couple of months ago, I noticed that our already worn looking chair was looking even worse.  It hasn’t been comfy to sit in for a long time.  So a couple of weeks ago, we went to the store and picked out a new La Z Boy.  Monday I cleaned and rearranged to living furniture to get ready for Tuesday’s delivery.  The couch had been on the opposite side since November when we switched it around while cleaning the carpets.  We liked it, but since the new chair is also a recliner, we needed to switch it so that it will recline without hitting the wall.  Plus I think it looks more open this way.  I also moved our sofa table that had been under the window to the half wall that separates the the dining room and living room. 



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Do you use a stand when you stitch? If so, tell us about it and share pictures if you’ve got them. If not, would you like to try using a stand? Do you have any tips or tricks around using a stand versus not using a stand?

 I do have a stitching stand.  Sadly, I don’t remember the brand, but my hubby got it for me Christmas 2003 and I do love it.  I recently rearranged the living room and I am not sure how I am going to get my stitching stand to work with the current arrangement.  However… I haven’t been using it much, because I only use it for really large projects and lately, I haven’t been stitching really large projects.

I do have a project… And They Sinned…. that I started a long time ago but haven’t worked on in so long that I don’t even remember when I last stitched on this piece.  I would like to get back to it.  Perhaps I will go back to the “Sunday Project” so that I get a little done on this one every week. 

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