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Do you experience this same assumption from society in general that just because you’re being crafty you’re also driven by some unseen force to be in constant 1950s housewife mode? and then…. Who actually does the cooking and the cleaning in the household? I’d also really like to hear some words from the men in the crowd who stitch on this topic. What sort of societal reactions do you get and what ridiculously wrong assumptions do people make towards you when they see you working on needlework?
I have never experience the assumption that because I cross stitch that I am an amazing housewife and chef.  I find that most people assume because I cross stitch that I am totally crafty and that I know how to sew.  Neither is true.  Although I have dabbled a little in other crafts, I really only cross stitch and I can’t sew a straight line on a sewing machine.
I am the one in our family that is responsible for all the housework, laundry and cooking.  Years ago when we were expecting, I quit working to be a stay at home mother and wife.  It was a decision that we made because if I continued working my entire income would have went to pay someone else to take care of my child. And lets face it… I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I don’t regret for a minute that decision. However, I know not everyone has the choice or the desire to and I respect and encourage them in their balancing of being both mom and breadwinner.
With all that said, I think I am a terrible housewife. My house is a mess, the closets, bedrooms and laundry room are filled with crap that needs to be either trashed or donated.  Right now, you could write your name in the dust, something I should be better about doing since I have two people in this house who suffer from allergies.  And I wouldn’t recommend eating off the kitchen floor…though I do let my dogs.  Thankfully, hubby never complains about the state of our house and only once, recently, made a comment about the our bedroom.  We just have to much stuff and a small house. I do feel like I spend lots of time cleaning up around the house.  I like a really clean house, magazine worthy, but I would rather have a maid instead of doing it myself.
I do the cooking and I think I do pretty well in the kitchen.  But the times that I don’t feel like cooking, hubby is willing to either pick up something, take us out or say he loves cereal night.  I love looking for new recipes on-line or in cookbooks and magazines. My collection of cookbooks is over the top.  I have recently made the decision to donate three to four boxes of cookbooks.  I boxed them up last year, and still don’t have room in the kitchen for the ones I am keeping.  And I still have to go through the boxes just to make sure which ones to donate. I am also a bit of a procrastinator.
Edited to add:
After reading a few other blogs on this subject I thought I should share….
  • People assume I am patient when the see me stitching. I am not and if you don’t believe me, ask my daughter.
  • Hubby is not a caveman type and would do the housework and cooking, but when I decided to be a stay at home, I took over that majority of that responsibility. When my hubby and I were first married, our roles were reversed since I had a full time career and he was on limited duty while in the Navy due to reconstructive knee surgery… he was later discharged and has since been awaiting the time when the military will replace his knee. He did most of the cooking then and his own laundry while we split the remaining housework.
  • I have sat down in the afternoon or decided to take a nap then mentioned to hubby that I should be doing/have done something around the house that needs doing and he always answers with “why? It looks fine to me.”

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A quick update

I haven’t been stitching much this last week.  I got into a book and had a hard time putting it down.  50 Shades of Grey.  I jumped on the bandwagon.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it, some of the storyline is not my tastes so to speak.  But I surprisingly enjoyed it a great deal.  I really came to like the characters and even hoped for their happily ever after.  Of course, now I need to read the other two books before I can find out if they reached that state.  I am only 604 out of 672 on the waiting list at the library to check the book out to my Kindle. 

Sunday was Father’s Day, which meant that Sean got to do what he wanted to do all day, I did still manage a little stitching time.  Some of what he wanted to do was watch the US Open, True Blood and The Killing season finale.  OMG… Can you believe who it was that killed Rosie Larson? Unbelievable!

So I fixed Adam and Eve’s feet and re-stitched the snake while watching our Sunday shows.  Looking forward to getting back to it this coming Sunday.  I am hoping… fingers crossed … that I will finish the first page of the pattern.

Oh, and look at Trisha’s Seeds!  I use to call them flowers, but really I haven’t a clue what is going to pop up here.  Sure does seem to be doing well.  :0)

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I decided that even though it was summer I would not be able to sleep in now that I am running… I have been training to run a 5K with my friend in September, and now we are registered to run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on January 20, 2013 in Disneyland!! So with the heat I can’t sleep in.  I have to get up early and get my run on so that I don’t end up with heat stroke or something. 

So on Monday, we (hubby and I) got up, walked the dogs, then I went for a run.  Sean had to go in the office on Tuesday, but I got up took care of the dogs and got ready to go on my run despite the fact that it was raining.  However, as I was about to walk out the door it was pouring and I wasn’t going to run in that. So I headed into the kitchen.  I have been wanting to make this Blackberry Cobbler on Pioneer Woman‘s website and had plenty of blackberries in the fridge so I whipped that up, popped it in the oven and since the rain had let up I headed out for a run.  Sadly for me I got drenched as it started raining hard again while I was out.   I got home in plenty of time to pull the cobbler out of the oven.  It looked nothing like PW’s.

I had also promised Hannah that we would make these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sandwiches that I had seen on Two Peas and a Pod‘s blog.   We whipped up the first dough to put in the fridge then we head out to the library so my little sweetpea could check out some books… eight! And she is already reading the third book.  

About a week ago the Spartina 449 company’s FB page posted about one of their bags being in the O magazine.  Of course it was the color I had bought back in March and I really wanted this bag. Plus it was cheap!  The problem was I liked two colors and didn’t know which to get.

So on our way home from the library we stopped by a shop downtown that carries Spartina.  However, she didn’t have them in and had decided to not order them in because she felt the bag wasn’t worth the money or the quality of their other bags.  She compared them to the $8-12 shopping bags that Vera Bradley puts out occasionally, but I came home read the description of material the bag is made from and decided to take the chance & order it.  The yellow one that was in the magazine was sold out!  So that solved my “can’t decide on a color” dilemma .  I ordered the pink color that I got the snap wallet in at the store.  🙂

Back to baking…. Hannah and I came home to start baking the cookies, then when they were cooled whipped up the cookie dough for the sandwiching.  At this point Hannah deserted me to go outside to play with friends while I assembled the cookies.  I told Sean since I had to do the real work, I wasn’t sharing them.  But I did… I took out enough cookies for Hannah and each of her friends to have one.  Sean didn’t care for them, he said they were good but he isn’t into “cookie dough”.  I liked them.  Hannah loves them!  And her friends all liked them too.   Again, mine ended up not looking as pretty as the ones on the blog.

After dinner, Sean scooped us a helping of blackberry cobbler, heated it up and plopped a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top… it may not have looked anything like PW’s but it was YUMMY!  And I can’t wait to make it again.  :0)

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I was just stitching away, making progress on And They Sinned and then I found a mistake. So I had to do some frogging… I ripped out the snake but I still have to fix Adam and Eve. I am hoping to do so without having to rip them out. Fingers crossed.
during the week I have been making a little progress on Bent Creek’s Baby Row.
We finally hung the framed Bent Creek’s Monthly Snappers over the sliding glass doors in the dining room.
I am hoping we get some rain overnight… my mints are not doing well at all. :0(

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And so summer begins…

Today is the last day of school in our area.  We didn’t use any of our snow days so we are getting an extra week this summer.  Hannah should be home in a bit as they also have a two-hour early dismiss.  I am now the mother of a seventh grader!  Where has the time gone?  I am looking forward to having my baby home.  I was also looking forward to getting to sleep in a little but now that I am running and it is getting hot… I will still be getting up early to run before it gets to hot!  Oh well…

Today I am offering a very small give a way… if you are interested in stitching this design, please leave a message on this post.  I will draw a name Monday morning. 

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I have been trying for years to get Hannah interested in learning to cross stitch, but she keeps telling me she doesn’t want to learn. :0(   She does like picking patterns for me to stitch (she just asked me to stitch a pattern in a magazine that came in the mail today) and helping to pick the frame for a finished project.  She always picked the pattern to stitch as a teacher’s gift.  This was the first year I didn’t stitch an end of the year gift… she had a total of eight teachers this year! But I had also said in the past that I would do gifts through the elementary years, not after unless she had a teacher that really made a big difference in her life.  Though she had great teachers this year but I was glad not to be under the pressure to get a gift done.

This post isn’t really about that, but it is about a craft that Hannah does enjoy.  She has done a few similar projects in the past as gifts for friends and she wanted to give some new friends a gift on the last day of school.  Hannah has made all new friends this year.  Her two best friends moved and though she is friendly with some kids from elementary, I was really happy that she stepped outside that box and made new friends.  So anyway, she likes these sewing kits where the felt pieces are all cut out and you sew them together.  For her new friends she made these adorable pencil toppers which just happen to be from the American Girl crafts line.   I hope Mary Kate, Victoria, Virginia, Zoe, Sharon and Natalie enjoy their little tokens for friendship. 

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A look back

The STNA Blog Hop last week was about stitching goals. Something I use to do, but don’t do any longer. But it got me to thinking about at the beginning of the year when I made some “resolutions”. So I thought I would look back at the post and see how I have been doing with it.
So let’s see….
  • I love being a stay at home mom, but let us face the truth head on. I am not a great housekeeper. Don’t get me wrong, our house isn’t a pigsty but I wouldn’t recommend eating off the kitchen floor. Though I do allow my three dogs to do so. My point here, I want to be a better housekeeper. Have a weekly schedule and stick to it now matter what. My biggest area of slacking. dusting! ~ Some days yes, some days no. I haven’t been sticking to a schedule. There are days I feel like I am doing housework all day, the there are the days I am busy doing other stuff. I am hoping to start the purging of the sunroom and our bedroom soon, but I have been hoping that for a few weeks.
  • I want to be a better mother, wife and friend. ~ Well, I am working on it.
  • I want to be better about taking my vitamins. Last October I had to start taking a medication for my thyroid and I have yet to forget to take a dose. So why shouldn’t I be able to take my vitamins?? ~ Terrible! I take my thyroid pill first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Eat usually 30 minutes to an hour later. I can’t take the vitamins until at least four hours later and I usually forget. I am seeing my doctor next week and I am going to ask about taking the pill at night, then maybe I will be able to take my vitamins with breakfast.
  • I want to work out 5-6 times a week. I have done this for three years now, but during the last few months I haven’t been as strict with it as I would like. Usually the last couple of weeks of the year, I slack off. So I want to get back on schedule with that. ~ Mostly I have been pretty good about this. There has been a day here and there that I haven’t worked out for one reason or another, but not many. And I have even taken up running! Not that I enjoy it but I am signed up to run my first 5K in September.
  • I would like to start eating better. Again, the last few months.. well, it was the holidays. ~ Some days I do great, other days not so much. Mostly, my downfall is the weekend. I have started drinking Shakeology which is supposed to be really healthy and full of vitamins. It is supposed to be a daily meal replacement, but I am only drinking it during the week.
  • I would like to lose five to ten pounds, but would be pleased if I just maintain my current weight. So with that said. I would also like to accept myself, outwards appearance and all and stop being so hard on myself. ~ I am still hard on myself, but really trying to be better. And I just recently started actually losing weight… two pounds! Which means I will put five back on. Isn’t that the way it usually works?
  • I love reading and don’t read nearly as much as I use to. There was a time I read several books a week and now I am lucky to read a few books a year. I have tons of books. paperback, hardback, Kindle and Nook books. so it is time to read them! I challenged myself on my GoodReads account to read 20 books this year. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot considering my 11 year old reads about 100 (maybe more) books a year but last year I read about 10 so that would be double if I did read the 20. (And I have already finished one book and started a second this year!) ~ I have been reading. Not as much as I would like but pretty regularly. But I might reach my goal…fingers crossed.
So far I have read…
  1. The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  2. This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  3. The Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan
  4. In Leah’s Wake by Terri Giuliano Long
  5. Two For The Dough by Janet Evanovich
  6. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
  7. Stealing Faces by Michael Prescott
  8. Breaking Twig by Deborah Epperson
  9. Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
  • Stitching. Yes I would like to stitch more. And I have several projects that I have started and would like to finish. Plus I have a few that I would like to start and actually finish. But let’s be real. I have made a list of projects to stitch in a year and I have a problem. I am a slow stitcher and I have never made a dent in a list I have made before. So this year lets keep it simple.
    1. Finish stitching the L*K Going Green Flip-its ~ Yes, I finished this one!
    2. Finish stitching the Bent Creek Baby Peapod Birth Sampler ~ Yes, I finished this one as well and have even stitched a second one for another baby that was born this year.
    3. Finish Stitching the Advent Tree from Hobb Nobb ~ Haven’t stitched on this one yet.
    4. Finish Stitching Hana’s Spots ~ Not this one either.
    5. Stitch on And They Sinned. it’s been a long while since I put a stitch in this one. ~ I have actually stitched on this one a couple of times.
    6. Start and finish L*K’s A Good Marriage. in secret! as a gift for our 15th anniversary ~ I finished this one and it’s been framed.
    So over all, I haven’t been doing to badly and there is still seven months left in the year.

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Actual stitching

I have actual stitching to share.  My progress on And The Sinned and Baby Row.

And today while Sean was mowing the grass I took advantage of it and pulled out A Good Marriage so I could snap a quick picture of it.  It is hard to tell in this photo because I couldn’t use the flash, but the inner frame is a plum purple, though it is darker than the sample.  I think it came out great. 

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Horseback Riding

A few days ago we asked Hannah what she might want to do this weekend and she responded with “Horseback riding”!  Sean and I have said on many occasions that we should take one of the horseback riding tours though the battlefields of Gettysburg, so yesterday he called to find out what times they had available this weekend, booked one and we headed up there in the afternoon.  I rode when I was Hannah’s age but Sean and Hannah haven’t before.  It was so much fun and we can’t wait to go again.  It’s hard taking pictures while controlling your horse but I did take a few and the wranglers took some of us as well.

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My friend and framer stopped by last night to drop off my framed pieces that she finished. I am so excited! I think they look wonderful.
Bent Creek’s Monthly Snapper
Lizzie*Kate’s A Good Marriage was also framed but since hubby is home, I haven’t been able to take a picture of it yet… heck, I haven’t even been able to look at it!
And also the baby sampler I stitched for a friend to give as a gift. this is the same piece I stitched for my friend for my friend’s new baby. I had it framed in the same frame but in a blue to compliment the blue thread I used for the baby’s name, date and weight. I think it looks pretty good.
Bent Creek’s Baby Peapod Sampler

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