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Finished stitching!

Since the baby came three weeks early, I lost about two weeks of stitching time and we will be going on vacation soon, not to mention that I really wanted to start something new, last night, despite the fact that my shoulder was bothering me, I decided that I was finishing Baby Row.  And even though I took a muscle relaxer around 9:00 PM and could barely stay awake… I finished it before going to bed!  It needs to be ironed and it really isn’t that crooked.  🙂  I will get it framed and then send it to my friend. 

Today we stopped by Micheal’s after having breakfast at Panera so that I could get some of those little floss baggies.  However, they didn’t have any nor did I even see a spot for them.  We head to AC Moore… none.  Our last stop at JoAnn Fabrics, I told Sean and Hannah to wish me luck, so they did and thankfully, JoAnn’s had them.  Only two packages so I bought them both.

Back when we were at Micheal’s I decided to look for a new small basket to have by my chair for the projects I am actually working on.  I had them in a bag, but decided I just didn’t want the bag sitting there any more.  Sean picked the basket out and got the bigger one.  I didn’t really want to spend $25 on a basket, but he insisted on that one.  Surprise! When I got to the register it was only $7.49! What a deal!

Of course, now I want to go back and get the smaller matching basket even though I don’t really need it, but at that price, I am sure I could find a use for it.  🙂

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I have been neglecting my blog and haven’t updated in way to long.  I am not even sure where to begin. 

We had a quiet 4th of July and went to spend a few days at my mom & dad’s that weekend.  I managed to sleep wrong or something and have had a pain in my shoulder since the 7th.   I went to the doctor last week and was given some muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory then was told to see a massage therapist.  I have been, and though it is better, there is still an issue.  I am planning on seeing the chiro, as suggested by the therapist and scheduling another massage  I have hardly stitched because sitting causes it to hurt the most.

My baby, my sweet little baby has gone and turned 12!  Not really sure who gave her permission to go and do that, because it wasn’t me.  We gave her a camera that she has been wanting for about six years.  She wants to be a photographer of wildlife when she is an adult. 

A friend’s husband scuba dives and gets shark teeth.  I got this one from them to give to Hannah.  She loves it!!

“Megalodon was a true monster shark — with one tooth the size of your hand and a body so big it would make a great white shark look like a tuna.  Fortunately for those who like to swim in the ocean, megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived, has been extinct for 2 million years.”

This past weekend she had a slumber party.  It was beach themed.  We set up a bucket of sand filled with different shells and faux pearls for a treasure hunt.  The girls seemed to get a kick out of that.  Hannah and I put together sand buckets with sharks teeth, goggles, whale & dolphin erasers and a seahorse charm as their party favor.  I had planned to take the girls swimming, but after weeks of warm weather and no rain, it was chilly and rained most of the day.

I made a fish themed chex-like mix and about four dozen s’mores cookies for the girls on Saturday.  We bought cupcakes from a local bakery with pizza for dinner.  Then on Sunday I made the girls French toast… I couldn’t believe how much food the girls ate… I made about 20 slices but there wasn’t even a piece leftover for me, so I had a yogurt and some oatmeal.  I did manage to sneak a few of the s’mores cookies when they weren’t looking and before they ate them all and oh my, were they yummy.  I plan on making these again soon.

S’Mores Cookies = YUMMY!


Beach themed cupcakes from Sisters Bake Shop


The girls!

The two girls on each side of Hannah, Khrystina and Martha, were in Kindergarten class with Hannah… when they were all five!… and they have been friends ever since.  Taylor, in front of Hannah, is a friend’s daughter but the two of them have been friends since the moment they were introduced almost two years ago.  Zoe, on the end, is Hannah’s newest friend, they met this last school year (their first in Middle School).  
Sadly, Hannah’s friend, Brooke, from preschool, was on vacation this year and was unable to make it for the first time.  They met when they were three.  Brooke’s mother and I quickly discovered that we had met before… the weekend they were born!  Hannah was born on Saturday the 15th and Brooke on Sunday the 16th.  We, the mothers, were in the new mothers class they give before releasing you from the hospital.
Two of Hannah’s friends, Khrys and Taylor, stayed the day Sunday, since Khrys was spending the night again.   I was able to take them swimming for a little bit before  Taylor’s parents came over for a cookout.  We did burgers, potato salad, veggie tray, watermelon, grilled pineapple then s’mores over the fire-pit.
The Bent Creek Baby Row I have been stitching, but not finished yet because I lost two weeks of stitching is almost finish. Thankfully because I was able to stitch a little Friday, yesterday and today.  Of course, the baby came early and was born on Monday! My plan was to have it stitched and waiting to add the name, and I would have done it had it not been for my shoulder.  But the baby is here, healthy and beautiful which is what really matters.  I am hoping to finish it up tonight… just the name and date to stitch.

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A look down memory lane

The other day my daughter was watching a clip show where it was mentioned that one of the actors had played Simba in The Lion King on Broadway.  We were curious if the actor was the one from when we went to New york the first and saw The Lion King.  So off I went to look for our playbill.  I found it but it wasn’t him. 

However, while looking for it I found this…

It’s the scrapebook I made from our honeymoon.  This is the first scrapebook I ever did.  It’s not very creative and my scrapebooking skills haven’t really improved, but it was fun to look through.  Here are a few highlights. 

I looked through it with Hannah and then when Sean got home we looked through it again.  I told Sean this morning that I am going to get some pictures together from our 10th anniversary trip… sadly I don’t think I kept park tickets and what not from it… and put some photos into this scrapebook as there are plenty of pages.  I am planning on adding photos from our upcoming 15th anniversary trip.  Sadly, we didn’t take a 5th anniversary since we weren’t able to travel as much back then.

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Do you find yourself stitching seasonally or do you just stitch what moves you at the moment? What’s your favorite holiday or season to stitch for?

I have noticed when reading other stitching blogs and on groups that some people tend to stitch projects for holidays and seasons during that holiday or season. I do not. I like at it this way, if I am stitching a winter themed project during the winter, but I don’t finish it before the season ends, I don’t want to have to wait until the next winter to finish it. I would rater finish it so that is ready to display the next winter season. I feel the same about holiday stitching. So stitch winter projects in the summer and start Christmas projects in January!

My favorite holiday is upon us and this is my only exception to the above. You can stitch and display your July 4th stitching anytime if you love to show off your patriotic side like me! I even have a red, white and blue room… my home office and craft room.

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