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It’s been to long since I last posted and now…. wordpress seems to have changed A LOT!

I haven’t been up to that much. Not a lot of stitching, some reading, volunteering at Hannah’s school, running, usual household and family things.  Since I ran the Tinker Bell Half Marathon with my friend Wendy, and we had already signed up for the Diva Half in September,  I have also run a 10 miler for a local charity and a 10K at Hershey.  I have also signed up to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon at WDW in November and I am planning on signing up for the Princess Half in February 2014. And they now have a new challenge… a 10K the day before so if you run both you receive a total of three medals!! Except for the 10 miler, I have either run with or will be running with Wendy.  It’s a bit crazy… I don’t really even like running… I do like the medals. 

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