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This room needs some work, but it’s okay for now. We don’t have a lot of company so it will serve it’s purpose when we do. The bed and desk armoire that’s in this room now was in the room across the hall that we converted into a fitness room. We had just a queen frame with mattress and box spring and a simple computer desk before the switch. This is also the room Sean uses the closet and dressers in for his clothes.






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Our new fitness room


Having re-decorated the family room, we decided that we didn’t really like working out in it anymore because it looked so nice, so we decided to move some things around between our two spare rooms.  I didn’t take before pictures.

When we bought our house 14 years ago, this room was unfinished. The previous owners ran a plumbing business and this room was their storage room for that stuff.  Some years ago my dad finished it for us (drywall, flooring, painting) and it became a spare room(sorta)/home office/craft room, but sadly (because this is one of our favorite rooms) it just became more of a catch all room. We cleaned it out, purged, moved the bed and desk to the other spare room then moved our workout things in. JoJo’s crate is in there and so are my bookcases with my stitching stuff that looks a mess and needs to be re-organized. But now we have a new workout room!









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On to the sea

Stitching the sand has finally been completed so now I am starting the sea.


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Sand is slow going

I’m stitching and stitching but it seems to be taking forever.


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Sand and sea

I think I’ve gotten a stitching bug on this project because I have been stitching a lot lately. Working on the bottom half of this design now …. the sand and sea.


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About half way

Since we finished the room, I’ve been taking advantage while watching “Sons of Anarchy” on Netflix.


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And it is finished!

After two days the family room is complete! We think it looks really good and now we don’t want to use it as a “work-out room’. We are going to change over the office, which isn’t really used any more expect as my craft (storage) room into a work out room. Which really means cleaning it out of all that stuff that has been put in there for a lack of anywhere else to put it and deciding to do what I want to do with my day-bed that my dad built. I am not sure I want to get rid of it, but since we moved it in there a few years after we moved here, and it had been taken apart four times before we aren’t sure it will be able to be taken apart and put together again. We will have to see.

Anyway, here is the before photos….





DSC_0646  The damaged wall that I repaired

DSC_0660 All fixed and looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

And the after….. (with & with out some of the exercise stuff, the bike hasn’t been put back in yet but will be in the same spot for now behind the recliner chair)  I did decide to put some things back a little differently and we still need to get a small end-table for the recliner, but nothing the dog would be able to get on to look out the window although we did replace window blinds with some lovely new ones that when down the dog should be able to see out of.





DSC_0653   DSC_0654









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We decided last week when we remembered we had a four day weekend coming up, to use it doing something that has been put of for a long time and really needs getting done.  Fixing up the family room.  The wall was in great need of repair from the sofa and dogs jumping on it to look out the window and we have been planning on painting for sometime.  So, I have taken some before pictures and plan on taking some after to share together. 

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