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Some old stitching

While we were at my dad’s during July/August, I took some photos with my phone of some of the stitching I have done and given them over the years.







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What’s your absolute least-favorite thread to work with?


This is an easy one… metallic.  There is a wonderful look once it’s stitched but it is a pain to work with in my opinion.

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When we re-decorated the family room we discussed painting the shelf thingie in the room just at the bottom of the stairs sort of across from the family room. We had some small jars of paint samples so I decided to use one of them for this small project. I learned something while doing this… I am not very good at painting.  I started this on Monday after Hannah went back to school and finished the touch up today.

The before…


And after…


I need to put back my collection of Mary Moo-moos that I display on here.  The shelves are not very deep and they it perfectly.

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The frog visits

Oh so close and frogging so it won’t be finished as soon as I thought.

I noticed the error last night and found the mistake in the U of summer … way back at the beginning of that area’s stitching. So out came the white of the waves and the “rentals”. I’ve decided to leave “summer” since I’m almost out of that thread color. Just have to be careful when re-stitching.



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Last night I made my first homemade dough of any kind and a pizza. We aren’t big on eating pizza, well our daughter is but Sean and I aren’t. But I could see making homemade pizza more often.


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It’s one of those days that I just felt the desire to have a glass of wine and make dessert. Blackberry cobbler from Ree, The Pioneer Woman is a favorite of my hubby and since blackberries were on sale, it was the dessert to make. Warm and topped with ice cream, it hit the spot.



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Stay-cation stitching

Just a quick update of the stitching progress I made while watching movies at my dad’s. (Most of the water.)


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This year for vacation we decided to spend some time down at my dad’s a few hours from us, so even though we left our house for a week, we are still calling it a stay-cation. We did random things around our old stomping grounds hanging with my dad and it was relaxing and fun. We visited Norfolk’s Botanical Gardens, Virginia Beach, rented a pontoon boat for the day at Lake Anna, went to Nauticus (a museum and battleship in Norfolk) and went to the rodeo. We also watched a lot of movies in the evenings so I managed to get some stay-cation stitching done.






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Making some progress


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