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Challenge done

I didn’t post every single day of the challenge… I missed a few days, so I failed the challenge, but I posted more than I have lately so that is a good thing.

Perhaps I will try again, someday.

Until then, I am just hoping to post more regularly.

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Nearing the finish

I have been working on this one lately and hoping to see it completed soon.


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It really is a small world

So a couple of days ago my daughter mentioned to us that her new friend wanted her and another friend to come over to her house this weekend.  I told Hannah that I would be gone Saturday but if she made plans that Daddy would take her.  We asked her about it but she said nothing more about it.  Then last night the phone rings, and oddly even though I didn’t recognize the name on the caller ID I answered it.  It was the father of the friend and some plans for a sleepover were made.  So he gave me their address to drop Hannah off.  Sean asked if that was the neighborhood Harley (Harley joins the family) had run away from when we got her.   Turns out it was.

I was pretty excited about this.  None of Hannah’s friends live near us.  I have even entertained the thought of moving just so she could be nearer to her friends and be able to say “Hey I am going to walk over to so & so’s for the afternoon”.  Well, now she can.  It is actually quicker to walk over to this new friend’s house than it is for us to drive, due to the route.

Today I came home a bit early from stitch day, so that I could drop her off and meet the friend & family, and as we pulled up I said to Sean that the house looked very familiar.  As soon as Hannah & I walked in we looked at each other and said “It was this house” because her friend not only lives in the neighborhood but actually lives in the house that Harley had run away from when we ended up getting to keep her.

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Most blogs I’ve seen with this sort of thing have 20 things but I’ve decided to be an over achiever and tell you 30 things about myself that you might not know. I’m an open book so it might be hard to come up with that many or if you know me this might be pretty boring because you already know it. But I’ve committed myself here so here goes…

1.  I was adopted by my dad when I was 12 years old. He is the only father I have ever known and I have no desire to meet or know my biological father.  My adoption became legally final on my mother’s birthday… April 19, 1984.

2.  My middle name is Paulette. My mother was told she was expecting twins but it was just me in there the whole time and so I was given both names that were picked out for a girl.  If I had been a boy I would have been named Paul but not sure what the second boy name picked was.

3.  I was married over seven years before meeting my father-in-law at my brother-in-law’s wedding.  I have only seen him a handful of times since then, usually at a birthday party for our nephew or niece since my brother-in-law has a relationship with him, my husband does not.

4.  I love Mickey Mouse!  I woke up one day when I was 17 years old with the need to have everything Mickey Mouse I could find.  From there my love of all things Disney grew.  I was 23 years old the first time I went to WDW with my friend, Heather.  There is something Disney in every room in our house.

5.  I love purses and totes.  I have a collection of Vera Bradley and Coach.  I also have a few Dooney & Bourkes and Spartina 449.

6.  I love Mermaids and wanted to grow up to be one.  However, I am not a very strong swimmer.  I didn’t even learn to swim until I was around 11 years old.  But “The Little Mermaid” has been a favorite fairy tale of mine for as long as I can remember.

7. I started stitching when I was 17 years old when I stitched “Annette loves Mike” and a friend made it into a pillow.  I no longer have that pillow.  I also no longer love Mike though I wish him the best in life.  I didn’t become addicted to stitching until I was 19 years old when I stitched the phase “Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy” without a pattern, framed it and gave it to my dad for Christmas.

8.  I love reading through I don’t get to read as much as I want. I have often said that I credit this to my grandmother.  When I was 12 years old, we moved to Germany, we lived in a hotel for about 6 weeks and one day after I said I was bored for the 100th time, she handed me a book that she just finished reading.  I have rarely been without a book since.

9.  I was 10 years old before I learned to ride a bike.

10.  I have three tattoos.  My first initial on my right foot, a Mickey Mouse on my outside right ankle and a smiley face on my back.

11.  I have never been arrested.  However, I was with some friends that got busted for skinny dipping at an apartment pool after hours.  I didn’t have the guts to join in and was on the outside of the pool fence when the police showed up.

12.  I have broken both of my pinky toes because they “piggyback” the toe next to them so when my foot slid, under a sofa and under a shopping cart, OUCH! broken pinky toe.  And no, I didn’t break them at the same time but about six years apart.

13.  I hate reality TV but can’t stop watching Dance Moms.  And I also can’t dance!

14.  I talk like a sailor, but if you actually do know me… you already knew that about me. I have tried to not use so much bad language but then I just use more.

15.  I started smoking when I was 12 years old, smoked until I was 28 and quit when I found out I was expecting.  It has been 13 1/2 years since I had my last cigarette.

16.  About six months after I turned 40, I thought it was a good idea to take up running for fitness.  I don’t really enjoy the running but I do like the way I feel when I am finished and the medals from the races… awesome!

17.  I didn’t attend my high school prom because my boyfriend, Mike (yes, the one from the pillow), was in juvie.  Thankfully, I out grew my “bad boy” phase and him.

18.  I got engaged to Sean seven weeks after we met and we married two weeks shy of knowing each other a year.  Next month we celebrate our 16th anniversary.  I would marry him again if we went back in time… only sooner!

19.  Our cat, Jasmine, is my first cat.  I didn’t care for cats that much before I met Sean’s childhood cat, Christmas. I adored her.  I was attacked by a cat when walking to a friend’s house when I was around 10 years old which is why I wasn’t a huge fan before.

20.  Since I lived in Germany during the 80’s I can not donate blood.

21.  I use to sing pretty well, smoking ruined my voice.

22.  I love buying different versions of the board game Monopoly, but most of them have never been opened.

23.  I love Zombie movies.  My favorites are the Resident Evil movies and I loved World War Z.  I am also a huge fan of the show “The Walking Dead”.  I also love Vampire movies and shows.  Werewolves movies are good, too. I guess we could just say I love supernatural movies, shows and books.

24.  I don’t really love or even like Halloween, but I love Halloween themed cross-stitch designs. (Oh and there is the above.)

25.  Before I was a stay at home mother/wife, I worked in the hotel industry as a catering coordinator.  When Sean and I move to MD from VA and I left my job, I was so happy.  I never would have guessed then that I would miss it but I do.

26.  I was born in Tennessee but moved from there when I was very young, so I don’t really remember it much.  We have vacationed there a couple of times and it is a beautiful state.

27.  Since my dad was in the military, we moved every few years.  I have now lived in MD ~this time~ for 15 years!  I get the itch to move every few years.

28.  When I married Sean he was in the Navy and I thought I would be a career military wife.  He was honorably medically discharged and the decision came about a month after our wedding.  We both miss the “military life”.

29.  I am horrible at directions or remembering how to get somewhere, especially if I didn’t drive there the first time.  I have a terrible sense of direction. I own a portable GPS for one car and my other car has a built-in GPS for a reason.

30.  I use to have a great memory.  Could remember dates of random things and did very well in history class because of that.  However, when I was pregnant, I was in a really bad car accident and had a concussion which affected my memory.  Then two years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and found out that it also effects the memory.

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Fail at blogging

I haven’t done very well with my own challenge. Though I have blogged more thus month than usual, I have failed at the posting daily.

Today is my birthday. I’m 42 years old. In some ways I feel it but in others I feel like I’m still in my twenties.

My daughter is very happy about my birthday and her new glasses.


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Hana’s Little Spot

I started this project so long ago. Not sure when or why I didn’t finish it but over the weekend I pulled it out of my stitching basket to finish it.


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Wasn’t invited to the party



I wonder if parents are at home drinking all day while the kids are in school. And if they are, why haven’t I ever been invited over for a cocktail or three? What other explanation could there be for not being able to line up their cars in a straight line. It’s really not that hard people.

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A year ago

A year ago today I said good bye to the most important woman of my life for the last time.  I miss my mother every day.

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Quaker Easter Egg

I finished stitching this yesterday and really love how it came out.


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So a little over a week ago I took Hannah in for an eye exam.  The doctor said her vision was just barely required glasses and would leave it up to her if she wanted to get them or not.  I told her to give it a week in class to see if she wanted to.  Today we went in to pick out some frames.  So the same woman that was helped me pick my frames was working, thankfully and I love Hannah’s new frames. But while we were sitting there the woman said that my glasses weren’t sitting right on my face.  They had started to slide down my nose awhile ago so I am always pushing them up but I didn’t think any thing of it.

Well, she swiped my glasses off, looked at them and said she knew what the problem was then went to the back for 10 minutes then came out, put my glasses on me and perfect! They sit and stay… which since I wear bifocals, I will be able to see correctly again.  :0) She replaced the nose pads with new ones made for a different material.

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