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Glad Tidings


I’ve been avoiding stitching because I wasn’t enjoying the project I was working on… So I started a new project.

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I am not sure why this isn’t showing up on the Goodreads section to the right, but this is the book I am currently reading.  It is one of the books on the Black-eyed Susan Awards that Hannah was challenged by her teacher to read.





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I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to finish this but I finally did today thanks to a cold wet morning that I didn’t want to go in to run. So I drank my coffee and stitched until I finished this.


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Back at the end of last year or so I got a pair of Bose Sports earbuds for running.  I chose to get the ones without the mic (a mistake I later realized) but I love them. They are comfy and sound great.  After coming back from the Tinker Bell Half I couldn’t find them and thought I left them on the plane.  So I got a pair of Yarbuds.  A lot less expensive and with a mic this time.


However, a couple of months ago since I got the store’s extra warranty I took them back because the fast forward, pause and mic stopped working.  They didn’t have the same ones in stock, but a white set and since that didn’t matter, I was fine with it.  So they worked great until once again the buttons stopped working.  It wasn’t a big deal until last week while I was out for a run and Hannah’s school called.  I couldn’t click over and had to remove the ear bud and the armband in order to take the call.  of course, then I couldn’t get the ear bud back in or the armband back on right.  So back to the store they went yesterday.

I planned on getting the Bose Sports with mic this time.  See, although it doesn’t happen often, I need to be able to answer the phone if I am out running.  I just wish I had realized this back when I got the other pair.  I didn’t really want to spend the money on the Bose because I had already forked over for the other pair and was mad that I didn’t think about the need for the mic before but Sean said that since I was returning the Yurbuds again for not working, I might need to get over that.  So Best Buy had them but not in the color I wanted and since I had already made a purchasing mistake before, I decided I wasn’t spending the money on them if I couldn’t get the color I wanted because I just knew I was going to regret it later.  Then I saw a set of Yurbuds in the color I had decided I wanted and they were a new model.  So I decided to give the Yurbuds brand one more chance.




The clicker to fast forward a song or answer a call looks much better designed, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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Cinda B

I have a thing for bags… purse, wallets, totes, overnight/weekenders.  I love them and have way more than I need but I can’t help myself.  I have to have them!  My friend introduced me to a new designer, Cinda B, that a lovely local shop just started carrying.  So I have a new carry on and I can’t wait to pack it to go on a trip.



It opens up pretty wide for easier packing and unpacking.



A sweet little matching bag for packing


Extra long handle

I have a couple of totes on my Christmas list to add to this travel bag.

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Black Eyed Susan Awards

This year Hannah’s class was challenged by their Language Arts teacher to read the ten recipients of the Black Eyed Susan Award. So I thought I would read them, too.  So to start, I have “Wonder” and “The False Princess” on hold for the kindle with our public library.


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