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Two Years

Two years ago today my mother passed away.  I miss her. The sound of her voice and laugh.  Sean misses her sandwiches.  We use to joke that she needed to open a sandwich shop.  She was a wonderful woman.  I started stitching the project below with the intention of it being a Christmas present that year.  Whenever she and I talked on the phone at the end she always said this to me.



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I realized that I haven’t blog in a really long time and decided that it was time I get back to it.

Just last weekend I was able to run the Run Like a Dive Half Marathon again for the second year in a row.  I wasn’t able to train well due to some back issues but I managed.  And this year I very glad that I got to run it with friends.

   IMG_4974.JPG  Me and one of my best friends ever, Wendy


IMG_4973.JPG Me and my good friend Symya

IMG_4979.JPG and YAY! I finished!

IMG_4990.PNG  Considering that I didn’t train well, I didn’t do to badly. Less than two minutes longer than last year’s finishing time.

(We all three earned a medal but I didn’t get a photo of us together with them.)

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