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Happy SpringĀ 

I’ve been spending a lot of time these last few weeks out in our yard. Our back yard needs lots of work but it’s getting there. Part of the problem is our back yard is sloped so over the years we have had the erosion happen due to rain. That is part of the reason we had the patio with retaining wall put in ten years ago. 

Due to our plans to travel last year to Europe then instead my surprise health issues we didn’t do anything last year in the yard. And I mean we didn’t do anything but mow. So there was a lot of clean up and weeding to be done. I should have taken more before photos but I have mostly after photos to share. 

I refer to this as the step garden. The previous owners planted veggies here. When we first moved in we put the “steps” in the middle of the five tiers and change the top tier over to just grass. We also planted lots of plants and seeds but only two plants lived. This picture was taken after I weeded the left side but every year we just weed out both sides and refresh the mulch. 

After the right side was weeded though the steps still need weeding. You can see the only two plants that survived over the years. One on each side. 

This year I decided I wanted to put in some rose bushes. I have actually been wanting to do this for years and decided this year it wouldn’t be just a plan but an action. And yes, the actual steps still need weeding. 

(Right side)

(Left side)
Along the top tier I planted tons on seeds that will hopefully grow into a lovely garden to attract bees and butterflies.  The steps will be weeded and new rocks put in around the round stone steppers. 

I also cleaned off the patio and did some Container Gardening and replanted mints & lavender in the planters along the sunroom. 

And lastly, a few years ago Sean dug out the area in front of the underneath entrance of the sunroom. Due to the erosion of the yard it was becoming harder and harder to open the doors. Sadly one of the doors was broken due to this and Sean removed it earlier this year so it will need to be replaced.  When he dug out this area the dirt was just piled next to the tree and just sat there. I finally had enough with it and spread the dirt around the tree and seeded it. 

And yesterday I noticed new grass growing.  

So the rest of the yard still needs reseeding for grass, we need to get mulch for the step garden along with the rocks and new rocks for the entrance area under the sunroom.  There are a few other things I like to do put they will have to wait until next spring I think. For now I’m just waiting for the rain to stop so that I can sit out on the patio and enjoy my morning coffee. 

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