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What’s been going on

I’ve been running, reading and not much else. I’ve hardly stitched in months.  Not sure if it is an issuewith my glasses and not really being able to see that great, the projects I’m working on or just a lack of interest. Which I am not sure is the case.  I think aobut stitching but I just don’t actually stitch.

We did go to Disney for the new year and Tennessee for vaction this summer.  We rented a cabin in the woods, packed up the dogs, out daughter and her friend.  It was bliss.  We had our coffee and a night cap on the front porch with a beautiful view of the mountains.  Plus at night we had a perfect view of the fireworks from Dollywood.  We took the girls to both the dollywood parks and had a blast.  Sean and I visited a couple moonshine places and did tasting.  The girls either swam at the pool or hung out in the hot tub on the back deck.  It was lovely and weve already been talking aobut the next time we go.

Sean and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary in October and will be taking a week long cruise.  Forntunately for us, I don’t think our cruise path will be affected, but please mother nature, ease up with the hurricanes. Those islands have had enough of your wrath.  

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