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Did my mojo return?

To early to tell but I did stitch two nights in a row.  

One of my best friends and I text everyday.  Since we don’t live in the same state modern technology helps us to be able to keep up with each other’s everyday life. She stitches also. As a matter of fact, some years ago she and I drove head first into the hobby together.  It was my second attempt with the hobby but the first time had been with stamped cross stitch. 

During a text conversation this past weekend, I mentioned that I was considering getting a lap stand but I needed one that would hold a qsnap.  I  started having to use a magnifying light (late last or earlier this year I think) and the  weight of holding it is a bit annoying at times. I had searched online before but didn’t find what I was looking for but after mentioning it to Bird I searched again. Success! Amazon truly does have everything. 

So I ordered it and received it two days later. 

Night one

Night two

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