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And August block is done

Sean left for Vegas on a work trip today and Hannah abandoned me to hang with her friends so I decided to catch up on some DVR and stitch. I was able to finish the block I was working on.

Happily Ever After August : Aladdin

So I’m putting that way for a bit and pulling out another WIP that I had been working on last year.

I Will design by My Big Toe

I had originally planned on giving this to Sean for our 20th wedding anniversary but when it became obvious to me that I wasn’t going to finish it in time I went with another gift. Since he is gone this week I’m hoping to get some good progress on it.

The other gift ended up being a painting I bought while in Disneyland for a run last September. I was worried if he would like it but he loves it so much he was starting to think about getting it as a tattoo.

We had actually planned on me going with Sean to Vegas but Hannah hasn’t tested for her drivers license yet and therefore still requires our taxi services to get to and from work. I told Sean that she will be graduated and have her DL next year and I’m going.

Until the next post…

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My cousin’s wedding was this past weekend. It was beautiful. She was beautiful as always and I wish her and her hubby many years of happiness. They’ve already been together seven years and I believe they will continue to be a loving and devoted couple.

I did finish the stitch myself. I hope they like it. It can be displayed on a plate stand or as an ornament. Although it is a little big for that.

I just loved the wedding cake top.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing around Etsy and had to get a couple of things that I needed. And by that I mean I just really wanted them.

A Grime Guard in Disney TsumTsum fabric for my qsnap. I’m addicted to the Tsum game on my phone. Hannah says I play it all the time. Which isn’t completely true. I still stitch, read and taxi her around.

I also found the most adorable needle minder. I truly didn’t need another one but it’s The Little Mermaid and she is my absolute favorite of all the princesses. I just love the little button on the back side. To cute.

Until the next post….

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Another block done

July The Wind in the Willows

I have to admit I don’t know this story so I’ll have to read it out sometime. But first I’m moving on to the next block.

Until the next post…

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Happily Ever After

A few years ago I discovered The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.  They have adorable patterns and sponsor several stitch a longs thru out the year.  Including a yearly mystery one were the patterns are released each month.  The first one I joined was the Once Upon A Time.  I skipped the next year’s which was titled Story Time, but after seeing it being worked on by my friend I ended up purchasing it and plan on stitching it.  I started last year’s but I am way behind.  It is titled Happily Ever After and basically the three together are a trilogy.

These are the parts I’ve completed…


Okay, so this first photo only shows progress for the first two months, but they are finished.  January The Owl and The Pussycat and February Heidi

March Three Billy Goats Gruff

April Around The World In 80 Days

May Robin Hood


June Little House On The Prairie

I’m currently stitching on the July block now that I finished the wedding gift.


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First finish of 2018

I finished stitching this project last night. It’s the first real finish I’ve had in a long time. I was thinking about finishing it into an ornament but Sean things it’s to big for that. Not sure yet what I’ll do but i need to make a decision soon.

Until the next update…

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Almost finished

Well I think the title of this entry says it all. After two days of freezing temps and deciding to stay in doors where it’s warm, I’m almost finished with this project. I need to finish the border, add the date and instead of adding the beads I’m going to try a specialty stitch in their place. Though I can’t remember the name of the stitch I can picture it in my mind. It’s like a little star. 

Until the next update…

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Another day of progress

Between loads of laundry and evening tv I managed to get quite a bit more done. This project is really moving along. My hope is that continues and I finish this by the weekend.

In other news the family had eye exams today. Our appointments were half hours apart from 3 to 4 pm. Hannah was scheduled to go into work at 4:30. However when we got there we learned that they were running almost an hour behind. We cancelled Hannah’s appointment then Sean took Hannah to work after he did his pre exam. A good thing to because it wasn’t until 4:30 before I was actually in the exam chair.

We went to LensCrafters where they now use this digital exam and it was pretty cool. I can’t remember the last time I saw that clearly. So I’m looking forward to getting my glasses and hoping they help with stitching and reading.

Until the next update….

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Continuing on

I managed to get a few more stitches on my new start. It’s coming along great I think.

For Christmas one of my best friends gifted me with an Instant Pot. She and her husband got one just around a year ago and they love it. I decided my first meal using it this week will be a pork tenderloin. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Until the next update…

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New Year, New Start

Happy New Year!  I wish everyone a happy healthy new year full of love, laughter, family, friends and time doing something you enjoy.

I have a cousin getting married later this month and decided to stitch up something really quick to gift her with to commemorate the day. I had to order a couple of threads and they came this weekend. Then I decided to start the new year wih a new start. I’m really pleased with the progress I made this afternoon. t Though when I stopped to eat I had a hard time getting focused again on it and kept stopping to do oher things.

I’m also joining the Goodreads challenge and pledging to read 15 books this year. Last year i pledged to read 12 and read 26 but i wasnt stitching as much.  And i have been waiting until today to start The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen until today.

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