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Five years ago my friend and I ran the first Glass Slipper Challenge (now the Fairytale Challenge) and decided that we wanted to run this race again. This is the only race I’ve signed up for so far this year. Not sure I will be doing any others with the exception of a few virtual ones.

I was not well trained for this race at all and have decided that will not happen again. We decided to walk the 10K on Saturday together.

On Sunday’s half marathon I decided I wanted to run as much as possible. It started off well. Then the sun came up and with it the humidity. Not a great combo. Sometime after mile four I started fast walking the remainder of the race. But I finished and crossed the finish line.

Now according to my watch I completed the 13.1 in 3:02:50 which I stopped at the distance but before crossing the actual finish line.

My phone app I stopped after crossing the finish line.

Here you see that it recorded a distance of 13.5 miles. My official time for the race from runDisney is 3:08:46. Not by best but not my worst either.

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My first IHSW

So last week I joined a FB group… International Hermit Stitching Weekend. I think this group has been around a long time. I know I’ve read other blogs that have mentioned participating with IHSW and thought it is a great opportunity to inspire me to get more stitching time.

Unfortunately, my weekend didn’t go as planned. Saturday my husband went car shopping and then I ended up having to go down to the dealership with him to see the truck he wanted. The car he’s been driving is about to be paid off. Our 17 year old daughter is about to get her drivers license. She likes his car. Instead of her buying a nice used car we decided to pass on his car to her. Of course, that leaves him needing a car. He’s been wanting a truck for awhile. A long while. So… his new truck. A 2018 Ford F-150.

Monday we went to the movies to see Black Panther. Very good. We are huge Disney and Marvel fans in this house and this lastest Marvel movie did not disappoint.

So my stitching progress.

Friday before stitching…

After the long weekend…

Yeah, I didn’t get much done.

Until the next update…

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