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April IHSW

Since we had plans to visit my husband’s brother and his wife this weekend (more about that later in this post), I didn’t get to stitch very much. I have discovered that I can crochet while traveling in the car so I took that with me.

Projects before photos:

I finished the pink scarf so on the drive back then I started a new one using a triple crochet stitch. I’m thinking of finishing this one into an infinity scarf.

And I did get a bit of cross stitching in also.

We went went to the Penn State Blue and White game on Saturday with my BiL, SiL and some of her family. We tailgating before the game and 22 of us went out to dinner after. We were surprised that we didn’t have to wait on a table when we got there. I felt very out of place. I was the only one not wearing Penn State.

Keegan-Michael Key was an honorary coach. Sean and I love this guy. He is hilarious.

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I ran out of the purple yarn the other day before I actually finished the scarf. I picked some more up today but I’ve got to learn how to start joining it in first.

So I started using a pink yarn and made two more ear warmers.

Then after dinner I decided it was time to try learning the double crochet. The YouTube video I used showed a chain then the half double crochet then the double crochet. I stopped it there because she immediately went into the triple crochet stitch. I just kept practicing until I ended up finishing it into another ear warmer.

Then I started a scarf. It seems to be going very quickly.

Until the next update…

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First off, I have been stitching as well. I finished the September block of the Happily Ever After and started the October block.  It’s getting closer to being finished.  I am itching to start something new but I also want to go back to I Will and finish that project.

So I posted that I started a second ear warmer. As easy as the first one seemed to go the second for some reason didn’t go as well so I pulled it out and started a second scarf.  I thought it was going well but realized that as I was finishing it, it narrowed again.  It wasn’t as wonky as the first scarf but this really frustrated me.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong.

Tuesday night I decided to spend some time on YouTube watching videos, searching for answers as to why this was happening.  Most of the videos I found were more about the scarf becoming wider not narrowing. But I found a few videos about the mistakes most self-taught crocheters make and on how to keep a straight edge, and I think this helped me to solve my issue and I really feel like I am finally truly getting the hang of this crochet thing. Time will only tell.

Until the next update….

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