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We have been slowly changing things around the house. First we got a new dining room table. When we bought our house the dining room had beige carpet. We bought a lovey table stained in a dark color. After Hannah was born we had the wood floor put in. The new table really brightens the space.

In this space we had a desk for Hannah to do her homework. Since she is graduating next week we decided to replace it with something for us.

A wine bar!!

Lastly when we bought the house we got a wine/bakers rack for the kitchen. It’s nice but had started becoming a junk catcher. And since my kitchen is really small and we got the wine bar, we decided to get a wheeled kitchen island for that space hoping it will be more functional than the rack was.

So I moved our coffee pot to it freeing up the little counter space next to the stove for the instant pot.

Sean wants to have the cabinets re-done later this year. I’m debating it. We bought our house Memorial Day weekend 19 years ago so they could use it.

Until the next update…

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I’ve been hooking

Crocheting that is. This is my current scarf I’m working on. The yarns is so soft. I’m using a smaller hook than usual so I misjudged and it’s a little thinner in width then I planned but I’m loving it anyway.

Below is the best scarf I’ve crocheted so far and I also made a matching ear warmer.

And I finished an infinity scarf with a matching headband with a twist.

Until the next update which I promise won’t take so long…

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