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I dropped off and picked two finishes for framing this month. I’m really happy with the results but find the pricing very misleading. Apparently it was 60% off but I didn’t find the total any less then I’ve paid in the past without a coupon.

The Promise Me design by Lizzie * Kate is for my youngest niece.

The Fresh Brewed Coffee design by Little House Needlework is for our kitchen, which hubby will hang now that our floors in our upstairs living area are finally being done today.

We our replacing our 17 year old carpet in the living room and hallway along with our laminate wood floor in the dining room and our kitchen floor of unknown age since it was here when we bought the house 20 years ago, with a new type of “wood” laminate flooring. We have been waiting since August when we picked the floor and paid a deposit. Truth be told we don’t even remember what the floor looks like it’s been so long since we picked it but I think it’s similar to the floor we had in the dining room.

The upstairs is packed up and crammed into our sunroom. The weekend will be busy putting everything back together and Marie Kondo-ing the near hoarding of knick knacks we’ve collected over the years in the process.

We are crowded in our downstairs family room. It’s a room we really use even though it is my favorite room. But it’s small and especially in the winter months extra chilly. The dogs aren’t happy with the strangers banging upstairs. Every now and then they let them know. Overall they are being pretty good though.

Until the next stitch….

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Today’s project picked by Tiny Decisions

Another one I haven’t worked on in a few years or more. So I pulled it and gathered the threads.

After making a few stitches, I decided I should take a quick snap of the two I had already finished. So down into the craft room I went, pulled out the box with my unfinished finishes, and pulled out the two in this series I already finished stitching.

Do you see the same thing I do? Yup, I’ve already finished stitching Summer Joy but apparently didn’t realize that when I started it again! Ugh! Maybe that’s why I put it away and didn’t finish it. I can’t remember. But I will start Spring’s and rip out the second Summer.


I managed to rip it out but not start the new one.

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January 2019 IHSW

This past weekend was IHSW and I got a bit done on both of my current stitching and crochet projects.

Friday’s progress

Saturday’s progress

Sunday’s progress

Yesterday I only crocheted. I’m almost done with a scarf I’ve been working on here and there.

Once I finish this I’m going to start a new scarf for my niece in this beautiful yarn.

Until the next stitch…

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I took a class at the local JoAnns in hopes of learning the magic circle in crochet. However that’s not how this project started. I did learn a new skill and can now crochet a hat. This one isn’t perfect and thankfully the yarn used is very forgiving so you don’t notice those mistakes as easily.

Until the next stitch….

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It’s WiP Wednesday

It’s early still in the day so I haven’t actually worked on anything yet but I have spun the wheel and let Tiny Decisions pick my project for today.

I haven’t worked on this in years. Here is where my progress on And They Sinned is this morning.

This is a beautiful project and will be several feet long when finished.

I have stitched on Mother Gothel a couple of times in the last week.

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment so I grabbed my crochet on my way out the door then continue working on a scarf last night. I even was able to start using my Dumbo yarn bowl last night.

Until the next time I decide to work on it. I’m hoping the beagle doesn’t notice this because she loves to get into my yarn.

Tonight I have my second crochet in the round class and should be finishing up my hat. Fingers crossed.

Until the next stitch….

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If this keeps happening

I believe WiP Wednesday and Tiny Decisions want me to finish this project.

And I’m okay with that.

I’ve also stitched a few days on Mother Gothel. She’s going to take forever so I’m glad I am doing the WiP Wednesday to get a little break from her. Though I’m still enjoying working and watching her come to life on the fabric.

Plus I’ve made a little more progress on my crochet hat. The 2nd class is next Wednesday and I’ll hopefully finish it there.

Until the next stitches…

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WiP Wednesday

I recently decided that this year I am turning my unfinished stitching into works in progress. So using the Tiny Decisions app I made a list of my projects so that every Wednesday I can spin the wheel and stitch on that project.

First up….

I started this project when it was first released but didn’t finish it for some reason. I pulled it out today and couldn’t believe how close I came to finishing it. Then I saw a spot and realized I must have spilled water on it, I must have put it away because of that.

I didn’t get far today but I enjoyed stitching on it.

I attended a crochet in the round class this evening which is why I had less stitching time. We are crocheting a hat. Since I only know how to make scarves and ear warmers learning this will come in handy. However I did think we were going to learn how to do a magic circle so back to YouTube I go.

So far my hat doesn’t look like much and I think I need to pull it out and start again, I missed a step but we shall see. I have two weeks to finish up to row 18 which will include a color change. Fingers crossed.

My Chiweenie, Harley, had surgery today on an abscessed canine tooth. The vet also removed a loose tooth and two bad molars. Poor thing has been moaning all evening. She isn’t a happy pup tonight.

Until the next stitch…

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