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It’s finished

I decided that I was so close to finishing Lizzie*Kate’s A Very Scary Mystery that I would just stitch on it on WiP Wednesdays instead of spinning the wheel until it was completed. Last night I finished it with the exception of the embellishments which I have to locate after ironing.

***edited to add photo with embellishments ***

I’ve also been making steady progress on Mother Gothel. I’ve been thinking that once I’m finished with the black and moving on to colors only stitching on this one over the weekends so that I can start on some other smaller projects during the week. I shall see since I’m still enjoying stitching on her.

I’ve gotten a few new needleminders in the last couple of weeks that you can see in the photo. Hawaiian Stitch and Scrump, and the two coffee ones for Ariel and Rupunzel. There is just the edge of another stitching tool. It holds scissors, highlighter, etc as well as a magnet for needles and an area the clings to your threads. I saw it in another stitchers blog, Spinster Stitcher and well, I had to get one for myself.

Until the next stitches….

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