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And we have moved!

On the 15th the moving company came and packed up the truck and we left the next day to drive to our new town. On the way, a semi ran me off the road. Thankfully, I didn’t panic and was able to pull my truck back onto the highway from the grass. I was following Sean and he said he was impressed that I drove like Dale Earnhart.

We had the final walk through on Thursday then signed and got our keys on Friday. The moving truck arrived on Saturday. So I’ve been unpacking since. I am leaving my craft room for last. And I can’t wait to set it up.

But until then here are a few photos of our new home.

A huge kitchen
With a morning room
Living room
After working from home for years Sean finally has an office
The upstairs family room/loft
The craft room where most of the boxes went
The back porch
Our bedroom

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It’s been forever

I haven’t written a blog post I so long I am not even sure where to begin. I started using my phone or tablet more and my laptop a lot less, and seriously typing with y thumbs on one or the other became a chore. A few weeks ago I was watching the Today show Steals and Deals and they had a Bluetooth keyboard, so I decided to order one. The keyboard arrived today. It works with both my tablet and phone. This is my test post I guess.

But there is things to share. I have been stitching and still doing a little crochet. Since the COVID hit I have taken a couple of online Batik painting classes online and have a third schedule for after Christmas.

My husband started a new job right after lockdowns started due to COVID. Those didn’t actually effect him since he had already been working 90% by telecommuting and his new job is 100%.

We’ve also decided this year that it was a perfect time to uproot our lives and move to a new state. This is something that we have been talking about doing for a few years and we actually was looking at doing just that next year. But I had been looking on Zillow for a couple of years and a new development had a house plan that was pretty much exactly what we wanted. I wasn’t finding existing homes with the type of floor plan we were wanting. So when I discovered the floor plan for the new development I connected the builders and we flew to Tennessee to check it out. Before we left we picked a lot and started the process of building a new home. We move next week.

I have been packing and going through 21+ years of stuff, going to goodwill a couple of times a week and to the dump once a week. Please tell me why I haven’t gotten rid of broken furniture before now. I have a few more days of packing to get through and then cleaning the house for putting on the market. We decided to sell the house as is. The bathrooms and bedroom carpets need to be redone, but we did the kitchen a year ago after we had a small kitchen fire. Fingers crossed that the house sells in a short time. The real estate agent assured us that will be the case but who knows.

Until next time…Happy Stitching

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