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Catching up

I haven’t been stitching as much as I’d like but did decide to try and keep up on a Blackwork SAL. So far so good. I even found a tiny hoop to stitch each week.

We also hung some more things around the house.

I’ll be putting some of my Mary Moo Moo collection on the shelves
My husband’s grandmother painted this as a gift for his dad, her son in law. Somehow after his passing my brother in law had it and gave it to Sean. It was not framed so we got a frame for it today so we could hang it.

We also hung up most of our Disney Thomas Kinkade wraps.

And various other things…

Sean’s office

I also crocheted a scarf for Sean. He picked out the yarn back in December but I didn’t get a chance to crochet something until this past week. It was a great pattern and I learned a few different techniques. I think I have enough yarn to crochet the matching hat.

His brooding catalog model pose

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Hanging some artwork

There is still some unpacking to do and we are still waiting on new furniture that we ordered in early October but is now on back order. Despite this, the house is slowly coming together and becoming a home. Today we went ahead and hung some artwork.

We had this hanging in our dining room at the other house. It’s perfect for a dining room or morning room eating area.
This picture of Bent Creek’s Monthly Snappers is dark but you get the idea.
Dumbo is hanging outside our bedroom. I should have turned on more lights before taking pictures.
The hall to the half bathroom. I’ve had these for a little over 20 years.
The other side of the same hall
My dad gave this Disney Princesses sketch for my birthday about six years ago.

We have lots more art to hang but still figuring out where the best places are to hang them.

On a stitchy update, I’ve started the 2021 Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL. There are two designs this year. I’ve chosen the square version to stitch first in the suggested DMC color. Though I did order a variegated thread in I hope will be complimentary for the border I’ve chosen to stitch.

Happy Stitching!

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