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I realized that I haven’t blog in a really long time and decided that it was time I get back to it.

Just last weekend I was able to run the Run Like a Dive Half Marathon again for the second year in a row.  I wasn’t able to train well due to some back issues but I managed.  And this year I very glad that I got to run it with friends.

   IMG_4974.JPG  Me and one of my best friends ever, Wendy


IMG_4973.JPG Me and my good friend Symya

IMG_4979.JPG and YAY! I finished!

IMG_4990.PNG  Considering that I didn’t train well, I didn’t do to badly. Less than two minutes longer than last year’s finishing time.

(We all three earned a medal but I didn’t get a photo of us together with them.)

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I’ve been meaning to post about this. A couple of weekends ago my friend, Wendy and I participated in the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Much like the Tinker Bell weekend where we ran a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday except we received the challenge medal in addition to the race medals.

Although I had been running some since the Tinker Bell, I hadn’t been running enough.  Mostly thanks to the weather this winter.  It has been negative temperatures cold with more snow and ice then we are used to getting.  So at the beginning of February I did join an area Planet Fitness so that I could at least run a few times using a treadmill.  Let me tell you, if I thought I didn’t enjoy running before, I really didn’t enjoy running on a treadmill.

The weather here has been very cold and the weather in Florida on race weekend… humid! On the half marathon morning at 3:30 am prior to the start of the race is was some where around 90%.  The below picture was a screen shot I took after the race.


But Both mornings we still got out there and got it done.  And that is what matters.  Receiving those medals is the goal and that is what we did.

20140309-131353.jpg      20140309-131414.jpg

20140309-131432.jpg      20140309-131505.jpg



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I Survived!

Fourteen years ago today while driving to work there was an accident. My car was t-boned by another car, split in half and went airborne. I don’t remember the accident at all. I do recall coming to, asking what was happening, being told there was an accident and that they were using the “Jaws of Life” to get me out of the car. I knew there was something important I needed to let them know, but couldn’t recall right away what it was, through I did eventually remember. I was flown by helicopter to Baltimore. My injuries included some cuts and bruises, I bit thorough my lower lip, my eye looked like I went a round with Ali and lost, and I had four hairline fractures in my left hip and tailbone.



My car-baby that I had just paid off two months before the accident. 😦



What the article doesn’t mention because the reporter didn’t know and was the thing that I was trying to remember that I needed to tell the EMTs, is that I was fourteen weeks (on that very day) along in a high-risk pregnancy. I was to go to an appointment that afternoon to check on the cervical cerclage the doctor had put in two weeks before. Thankfully, I left the hospital the next day, still pregnant but on three months mostly bed-rest. Hannah was born early but not until July 15th.

I am grateful every day that we both survived that day.

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I finished this quick little stitch and thought I had posted it via my phone but I guess it didn’t actually post.  I haven’t a clue what to do with it now that it is finished, but stitching brought me out of my little slump.



I started this one last year, and put it aside.  After finishing Glad Tidings I pulled it back out and have been enjoying stitching on it.

I finally got my medals engraved.  I have them hanging on the back of the door in our fitness room.  I’ve got other plans for them then just hanging on the back of the door.



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Back at the end of last year or so I got a pair of Bose Sports earbuds for running.  I chose to get the ones without the mic (a mistake I later realized) but I love them. They are comfy and sound great.  After coming back from the Tinker Bell Half I couldn’t find them and thought I left them on the plane.  So I got a pair of Yarbuds.  A lot less expensive and with a mic this time.


However, a couple of months ago since I got the store’s extra warranty I took them back because the fast forward, pause and mic stopped working.  They didn’t have the same ones in stock, but a white set and since that didn’t matter, I was fine with it.  So they worked great until once again the buttons stopped working.  It wasn’t a big deal until last week while I was out for a run and Hannah’s school called.  I couldn’t click over and had to remove the ear bud and the armband in order to take the call.  of course, then I couldn’t get the ear bud back in or the armband back on right.  So back to the store they went yesterday.

I planned on getting the Bose Sports with mic this time.  See, although it doesn’t happen often, I need to be able to answer the phone if I am out running.  I just wish I had realized this back when I got the other pair.  I didn’t really want to spend the money on the Bose because I had already forked over for the other pair and was mad that I didn’t think about the need for the mic before but Sean said that since I was returning the Yurbuds again for not working, I might need to get over that.  So Best Buy had them but not in the color I wanted and since I had already made a purchasing mistake before, I decided I wasn’t spending the money on them if I couldn’t get the color I wanted because I just knew I was going to regret it later.  Then I saw a set of Yurbuds in the color I had decided I wanted and they were a new model.  So I decided to give the Yurbuds brand one more chance.




The clicker to fast forward a song or answer a call looks much better designed, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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So a little over a week ago I took Hannah in for an eye exam.  The doctor said her vision was just barely required glasses and would leave it up to her if she wanted to get them or not.  I told her to give it a week in class to see if she wanted to.  Today we went in to pick out some frames.  So the same woman that was helped me pick my frames was working, thankfully and I love Hannah’s new frames. But while we were sitting there the woman said that my glasses weren’t sitting right on my face.  They had started to slide down my nose awhile ago so I am always pushing them up but I didn’t think any thing of it.

Well, she swiped my glasses off, looked at them and said she knew what the problem was then went to the back for 10 minutes then came out, put my glasses on me and perfect! They sit and stay… which since I wear bifocals, I will be able to see correctly again.  :0) She replaced the nose pads with new ones made for a different material.

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I got up bright and early, headed to the gas station and then hit the road to head to Tarara Winery for the Run Like A Diva Half Marathon.  We were informed in an email that we were to be parked by 7:15 am as the race had a 7:30 am start time.  I was parked by 7:00 am and since I was alone, the kind people parked next to me took this picture of me.


I took care of some…um, business, then lined up in the corral.  Unfortunately, there were a few announcements that the race would be starting late.  First 15 minutes, then 30 minutes.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, the race started about 9:00 am.  After standing around in the chilly morning air, I felt stiff in my joints, but after a mile or so, it wasn’t as bad.  It really was a beautiful morning, cool, with a breeze and sunny.  The route of the race was a lot more hilly than I had expected and some of those hills were steep and seemed very long.  But I just pushed ahead.  I ran most of the race, walking through the water stations as I discovered during the Tinker Bell I am not able to run and drink from a paper cup at the same time, and I walked some of the hills here and there.

At mile 13 we were given a pink boa and tiara.  This is where I wanted to kick it up and really speed through the finish, but that didn’t happen… instead I just kept running, although another woman almost knocked me down to get in front of me for the photo op, but finished the race running.

At the finish line we received our medals and a glass of sparkling cider.  It was supposed to be champagne but VA law apparently doesn’t allow it.  It was pretty tasty sparkling cider and I downed it like my life depended on it.



Thanks to the kindness of another runner, I was able to get this after photo!

My official time… 2hrs:29min:47sec


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The Turning Point

Some years ago after having had enough of suffering from migraines, I decided to give Chiropractic care a try, since the claims were that it could help.  Three weeks after starting adjustments, I could tell a difference and went a about two years migraine free.  Last fall because I was traveling back and forth to my parents house while my mom was in the hospital, I fell off the maintenance wagon.  A few days into this year, I got a migraine.  For the next six weeks, I had a headache every single day, several times a day.  Sometimes they would only last a short period of time but it was making it hard to get through each day.  I went back to the chiropractor explaining what I was going through and he set me up on a pretty aggressive treatment plan, but by the end of it… Headache free!  I make sure to see him about every month and I will try very hard to make sure I don’t fell out of habit of getting an adjustment on a regular schedule.

My Chiropractor is also where I received a successful weight-loss plan, Ideal Protein, which I blogged about in the past. And though I have not stayed sugar/carb free, I have kept off about 90% of the weight I lost.  I would recommend it to anyone serious about dropping weight. I won’t lie, it was hard but worth it.

Currently, I am trying something new in my healthcare.  Years ago I could wear heels all day long with no problem.  Now maybe a couple of hours before my feet start to ache.  Mostly in the ball of my foot.  Since starting to run, I have noticed that I get that same pain after a long run.  Last week it was aching longer then usual and when I stepped down a certain way, a sharp pain shot through my second toe.

When I picked up Wendy last week to go judge the needlework, she was telling me how she went to “The Turning Point Acupuncture” here in town.  When we ran on Saturday we ended up cutting our run short because my foot was bothering me.  I decided to try the acupuncture and went in on Monday.  I thought I felt better as I was leaving but later that day my foot was a little sore.  Tuesday I had almost no discomfort even after going for a short run.  I went in today for a second treatment. So far today, my feet feel pretty good. I have another appointment on Friday morning because I am hoping to run Saturday’s half marathon with as little pain as possible.

I have to be honest about “alternative” treatment, I didn’t put much stock in it. But I am a believer now! Try it for yourself, you never know, it might work for you, too.

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Good News

A few months ago Sean went to the doctor about some pain he was having in his neck and shoulder.  She sent him for x-Rays which didn’t really tell her anything, so he was sent for a MRI then a CT scan.  His neck pain is due to arthritis.  There was a growth on the shoulder bone and they also discovered one on his salivary gland, so she sent him to an orthopedic surgeon and a ENT specialist to have those checked out.

The ENT specialist did an ultrasound and he goes back in two more weeks for another one to see if it is still there and has grown, but he didn’t think it was anything more than a “pocket” and it should go away.

The orthopedic surgeon sent Sean in for another CT scan and a bone scan.  Today we went in to review the results.  The bone scan didn’t light up on the area of the growth on his shoulder bone, leaving us with the diagnosis of it being a benign growth.  If it were something else, it would have lit up on the scan due to the injection they gave him a couple of hours prior to the scan and it wouldn’t cause the comes and goes pain that he has in his shoulder, so that is most likely tendonitis.  The doctor gave him a cortisone shot to relieve the pain.  He does have to go back in a month to make sure that the pain isn’t continuing and for another scan in six month just to be sure, but as of right now, we are both relieved with the results of all these tests based on the doctor explaining it in medical terms and what not.

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(Day 2)

I can not hold back the truth any longer… I hate working out!  But I do like the benefits of just doing it anyway.  So I thought I would share with my few readers a little about my fitness routines.  Although I am not as thin or have as flat of a tummy as I was/did when Sean and I got married, in a few ways I am in better shape than I have ever been.  My legs are strong and tone, though I am working to get those stubborn inner thighs to be as tone as the rest of my legs.  I do not have the triceps wave.  And although I don’t always enjoy running, I can.  I ran a half marathon back in January with my friend, Wendy and we have FOUR more to run on our schedule in September, November, January and February (the last two also include a 10K the day before the half). I don’t think either of us really enjoy the actual running, but we both do like the medals.

After we completed the re-decorating of the family room and decided we no longer wanted to use it as our workout area, we moved some things around and converted the home office/craft room into a fitness room.  I have changed some things around in there again just a bit.  We got a proper workout mat, a corkboard and wipe board to make notes on. There isn’t a lot of room in here to workout, even smaller than the family room area, but we manage.  And we don’t workout at the same time.  (And yes, that is my messy cross-stitch area that is still waiting to be re-organized, but I have  a couple of other things to do first.)

DSC_0748    DSC_0740

Sean and I decided to get the cross-fit inspired workouts from Bob Harper.  So I have been doing these in addition to my run training. They are short workouts, but can be brutal.  And I highly recommend them to anyone that is into working out but doesn’t have a lot of time.  What I don’t like about these workouts is that all four DVDs have the same warm up, which is a good warm up but when you are doing them five days a week, something different would be welcomed.  I am use to workouts that have a cool-down and stretch, these don’t, so I sometimes do a short WAH or a 10 minute Yoga stretch.  And BURPEES!  They aren’t in every workout but in a lot of them and I hate them.  I guess Bob loves them.  We do like Bob and his workouts though as they are challenging and for me, I am way out of my comfort zone.


Between my husband and me, we have several programs, P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum, Rushfit, Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method, I have a few Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels, and a ton of WAH DVDs with Leslie Sansone.  For Christmas, Sean and Hannah gave me Jillian Michaels’ 90 Days Body Revolution and I did that program after we got back from running the Tinker Bell Half.


For me, this program was no joke but after 90 days I was able to do a few things that I never thought I would be able to do.  I still need to work on doing a few other things better.  I am thinking about repeating this program starting in March of next year, after I finish the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Jillian also loves burpees. (Insert angry face here.)

30 In 30

Recently I received the newest WAH DVD.  I am trying to work it into what I am already doing.  There are two workouts, a 30 minute walk and a 30 minute firming workout.  The DVD recommends Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the walk, and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the firming….which are my usual running days.  But I also don’t want to over do it, so we shall see.

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