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I finished these over the summer.  They were fun to stitch and I enjoyed working on them.

Happily Ever After by The Frosted Pumpkin

I Will by Big Toe Designs

I’ve recently been stitching on Nativity Row by Bent Creek.  I am almost done so hopefully I’ll be sharing that soon.


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This is a test.

Only test. If this works please stay tuned in for another post coming soon.

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A Yard Project

For some reason I am having issues posting from my phone or ipad.  These photos should have posted at the beginning of summer.

I have been somewhat busy the past couple of months and I have things to share.  I hope to get the issue fixed on the posting from other devices, especially since my photos are on my phone.


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Last Tuesday Sean, my dad, MiL, her friend, Hannah’s kindergarten teacher and I went to Hannah’s graduation. It was a lovely ceremony. Of course Hannah’s best friends also graduated. Sadly I didn’t get a lot of pictures.

Hannah and Stephany

The young man below without the cap is Zach.

Hannah receiving her diploma.

Now and then… Hannah and Mrs. Bell (kindergarten teacher)

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We have been slowly changing things around the house. First we got a new dining room table. When we bought our house the dining room had beige carpet. We bought a lovey table stained in a dark color. After Hannah was born we had the wood floor put in. The new table really brightens the space.

In this space we had a desk for Hannah to do her homework. Since she is graduating next week we decided to replace it with something for us.

A wine bar!!

Lastly when we bought the house we got a wine/bakers rack for the kitchen. It’s nice but had started becoming a junk catcher. And since my kitchen is really small and we got the wine bar, we decided to get a wheeled kitchen island for that space hoping it will be more functional than the rack was.

So I moved our coffee pot to it freeing up the little counter space next to the stove for the instant pot.

Sean wants to have the cabinets re-done later this year. I’m debating it. We bought our house Memorial Day weekend 19 years ago so they could use it.

Until the next update…

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I’ve been hooking

Crocheting that is. This is my current scarf I’m working on. The yarns is so soft. I’m using a smaller hook than usual so I misjudged and it’s a little thinner in width then I planned but I’m loving it anyway.

Below is the best scarf I’ve crocheted so far and I also made a matching ear warmer.

And I finished an infinity scarf with a matching headband with a twist.

Until the next update which I promise won’t take so long…

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April IHSW

Since we had plans to visit my husband’s brother and his wife this weekend (more about that later in this post), I didn’t get to stitch very much. I have discovered that I can crochet while traveling in the car so I took that with me.

Projects before photos:

I finished the pink scarf so on the drive back then I started a new one using a triple crochet stitch. I’m thinking of finishing this one into an infinity scarf.

And I did get a bit of cross stitching in also.

We went went to the Penn State Blue and White game on Saturday with my BiL, SiL and some of her family. We tailgating before the game and 22 of us went out to dinner after. We were surprised that we didn’t have to wait on a table when we got there. I felt very out of place. I was the only one not wearing Penn State.

Keegan-Michael Key was an honorary coach. Sean and I love this guy. He is hilarious.

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