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I ran out of the purple yarn the other day before I actually finished the scarf. I picked some more up today but I’ve got to learn how to start joining it in first.

So I started using a pink yarn and made two more ear warmers.

Then after dinner I decided it was time to try learning the double crochet. The YouTube video I used showed a chain then the half double crochet then the double crochet. I stopped it there because she immediately went into the triple crochet stitch. I just kept practicing until I ended up finishing it into another ear warmer.

Then I started a scarf. It seems to be going very quickly.

Until the next update…


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First off, I have been stitching as well. I finished the September block of the Happily Ever After and started the October block.  It’s getting closer to being finished.  I am itching to start something new but I also want to go back to I Will and finish that project.

So I posted that I started a second ear warmer. As easy as the first one seemed to go the second for some reason didn’t go as well so I pulled it out and started a second scarf.  I thought it was going well but realized that as I was finishing it, it narrowed again.  It wasn’t as wonky as the first scarf but this really frustrated me.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong.

Tuesday night I decided to spend some time on YouTube watching videos, searching for answers as to why this was happening.  Most of the videos I found were more about the scarf becoming wider not narrowing. But I found a few videos about the mistakes most self-taught crocheters make and on how to keep a straight edge, and I think this helped me to solve my issue and I really feel like I am finally truly getting the hang of this crochet thing. Time will only tell.

Until the next update….

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A matching ear warmer

Inspired by a fellow stitcher I looked up a video for a simple ear warmer to learn to crochet to match scarves. This was pretty easy and only took about a day.

I’ve already started a new one.

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Treasures found

So this month I had to travel down to my dad’s. He was having a procedure done that would require him to stay overnight in the hospital.

For the last several months he has been going through his house and purging. He came across some things he knew I would want. I stitched this back in the mid-90’s.

My dad doesn’t remember exactly who stitched these. They weren’t done by me. But my parents did have a friend in Germany that stitched so perhaps she stitched the wall hanging. Not sure about the ornaments.

Of course this will be added to the decorations this year.

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Crocheted Scarf

Finished crocheting my first ever project. It’s very wonky and has some other issues but I believe I know where I went wrong therefore can correct it for future projects. The rest will come with experience.

So here is what I learned from this experiment, I shouldn’t have given up so easily 25 years ago with I attempted to learn. I really enjoyed crocheting once I got it down. The repetitive motion is very relaxing. I plan on keeping some yarn in my hobby bag.

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I have still been stitching on I Will and have finish the entire saying. I still need to finish the border and add the date but I’ve decided to put it away to pull out Happy Ever After again. I’ve started the September block.

I’m also still crocheting my scarf even though it’s looking a bit wonky. I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong and hopefully the next scarf won’t like so askew.

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Learning something new

Years ago I thought I wanted to learn to knit or crochet, so once when my cousin was visiting I asked if she would show me. Rose is an incredibly talented crafter and when it comes to needlework she does it all except cross stitch. Though I know she finally did a piece a few years ago I’m not sure if she stuck with it. Anyway she had a crochet project with her and attempted to teach me. It didn’t go well. The fingers of my left hand didn’t want to cooperate. I became frustrated quickly and said never mind.

However every now and then I would see people knitting and would again think I wanna learn to do that. About five years ago some friends and I were driving down to Florida for a race and one of them pulled some knitting/crocheting out to work on it. She said she taught herself by watching videos on YouTube.

A couple weeks ago I was reading another friend’s blog were she talked about giving a go at doing needlepoint. She liked it! Yay! But it got me to thinking again about learning to knit and/or crochet. So I searched for some videos, asked the Internet which was easier and made a stop at the craft store. I picked out some yarn and some learn to kits.

The Internet said that crochet was easier to learn. Not sure if that’s true but I decided to start there.

Day One I practiced the chain stitch then the single crochet. The chain stitch was pretty easy but I needed to work on consistency. The crochet was a little harder and after two tries it didn’t look anything like the girl’s in the video.

After two and a half days (not really just a hour or so each day) and rewatching the video a few times, I realized my mistake and tried again.

So I’m starting to get the hang of it. Though this one isn’t perfect by any means. The next one will be better… hopefully. I still need to work on consistency and the turn around.

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