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This is going to be hard.  Back in September I posted 30 Things and I am going to try really hard to give 10 whole new things you might not know about me.

1.  I consider myself a picky eater but I am willing to try almost anything once as long as I know what it is that I am eating.

2.  When I was in high school I wanted to be a teacher or a social worker.

3.  I have body image issues and I am trying to not pass that on to my daughter.

4.  I regret not having another child.  This is something that is both our decision and not.

5.  I am a Republican and a Christian.  I do not believe it is my place to say who a person can love and if they should be allow to marry or not, or what a woman can and can’t do with her body.

6.  I don’t like to stitch based on the season.  If I want to stitch a project in the winter that is themed for the summer or Halloween at Christmas time, I will.

7.  With the exception of a couple of courses, I didn’t go to college.  Another regret.

8.  When I married my husband I had planned on taking his name and dropping my maiden name.  However, when the time came to do that I decided to hyphenate legally because I felt my maiden name was a gift since I was adopted and couldn’t let it go.

9.  I don’t ever want to live without a dog as part of our family, but I am pretty sure I will never have three again.

10.  I do not think that I have been a good daughter, niece, sister, aunt, friend, wife or mother.

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This is an old SBH question that I didn’t answer back when it was asked.

#8 What has been your favorite project to stitch? (either finished or in progress)

Yikes…. I have to pick just one??

This is a very hard question to answer.  I do have several. So here are a few.

BC Monthly Snappers Framed



framed Holiday Snapper










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How many needles have you lost? Feel free to estimate. Tell us your best “lost needle” story ;)
 I have lost just a few needles here and there, usually all found at some point. However, my best “lost needle” story the needle wasn’t really lost.
Back when my daughter was in 2nd grade, I was stitching on a project one afternoon in late January while she was in school. I had the fabric in a Q-snap with a spare needle on the fabric as well as the needle that was attached to the floss. When the time came to pick her up from school, I parked my needle, decided to leave the project out next to my stitching chair, crated the dogs… our 3 1/2 half year old Labradoodle, JoJo and a 10 month old Beagle, Daisy… and left. It was a lovely day out and I decided to let Hannah play with her friends for a bit. By the time we got home my husband was home from work, napping on the sofa (with dogs out of crates) so I started to make dinner. But I noticed that my stitching wasn’t exactly were I left it. I went over to pick it up then started to panic when I noticed that both needles were missing!
I looked every where for them even pulling out the magnate I have to run over the carpet trying to find them. I found only one. I knew that Daisy was the one who had messed with the stitching, she was after all still a puppy who wasn’t yet fully trained. So we called the vet and rushed her there so that they could take an x-ray. And sure enough, they brought us the film and should us the needle. (They were very concerned about where the floss was that had been attached to the needle.) Unfortunately they didn’t have the equipment to get the needle, so we rushed to the emergency vet hospital a few towns over. After a surgery and a weekend stay the needle was returned to us with our beagle baby.
Stitching is always put away into a project bag noq and never left out even if I think I will be getting right back to it, needles are always stored safely as well. Thankfully, we haven’t had another needle go missing.

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Eventually there comes a time when you’re not feeling well, whether it’s the flu or a cold or something else entirely. The question is, do you manage any stitching when you’re under the weather or does it just have to wait for better days?

Great timing on this question for me.  I can usually stitch when I have a cold, that doesn’t usually stop me.  However, I have been suffering from several headaches a day since the first of the year.  I am on day 37!  And I can’t usually stitch when I have a headache.  I have been to the chiropactor for a few adjustments and a massage that are helping, I have another adjustment tomorrow and three next week.  They are getting better and I am keeping my fingers crossed that soon I will once again be headache free and can stitch again.

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Blog Hop #14

What was your biggest stitching accomplishment in 2012? What was your favorite stash acquisition in 2012 and will you be using it in 2013?

I didn’t really stitch as much as I would have liked but my favorite finish for the year would be Lizzie*Kate’s A Good Marriage. I stitched this in secret to give to my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary that we celebrated in October.


During 2012 I bought the L*K’s 6 Snow Belles (companion piece to the 6 Fat Snowmen), started the auto for CCN Santa’s Village and picked up some other projects here and there. I am not sure what I want to stitch the most of these, because I am trying to focus on actually finishing some of my WIPS.

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#9 What are your must-have stitching tools and aides? Other than your trusty scissors, of course. Is there a problem you have had when stitching that you created your own solution for, or have you purchased a tool that helped?
 I love a snippet jar for my tiny bits of threads.  This is what I currently use for my snippets.

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#7 What do you do with the floss, thread, beads, and other elements you have left over from full project kits?

Depends on the kit what I do with the extra floss.  If it is the kind of kit that comes with skeins of GAST, WDW, Crescent Colors, DMC or the like, I just add them to my floss stash.  If it’s one of the kits that doesn’t really tell you the brand of floss… I cut it up for the snippet jar which gets emptied in the spring in the back yard for the birds.

Left over beads get added & mixed  into a clear box because I think it looks pretty on display.

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I thought in an effort to get back to some routines I would try and catch up on the stitching blog hops that I have missed.  So first up…

#6 Some of us have a favorite chair that we sit in to stitch, others prefer to enjoy a steaming mug of tea while they stitch. Maybe you need to get comfortable and put on your pajamas before you pick up your needle or you simply must rearrange all the sofa pillows before you sit down. Sometimes the ritual is in the clean up when we’re done and everything must go in a certain place. What sort of stitching rituals do you have when you sit down to work on your projects?

My two rituals would be to make sure I have a bottle of water (or other drink every now and again) and to wash my hands.  I try to not stitch if I think my hands are dirty. 

Not a whole lot of answer I know.

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Do you find yourself stitching seasonally or do you just stitch what moves you at the moment? What’s your favorite holiday or season to stitch for?

I have noticed when reading other stitching blogs and on groups that some people tend to stitch projects for holidays and seasons during that holiday or season. I do not. I like at it this way, if I am stitching a winter themed project during the winter, but I don’t finish it before the season ends, I don’t want to have to wait until the next winter to finish it. I would rater finish it so that is ready to display the next winter season. I feel the same about holiday stitching. So stitch winter projects in the summer and start Christmas projects in January!

My favorite holiday is upon us and this is my only exception to the above. You can stitch and display your July 4th stitching anytime if you love to show off your patriotic side like me! I even have a red, white and blue room… my home office and craft room.

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Do you experience this same assumption from society in general that just because you’re being crafty you’re also driven by some unseen force to be in constant 1950s housewife mode? and then…. Who actually does the cooking and the cleaning in the household? I’d also really like to hear some words from the men in the crowd who stitch on this topic. What sort of societal reactions do you get and what ridiculously wrong assumptions do people make towards you when they see you working on needlework?
I have never experience the assumption that because I cross stitch that I am an amazing housewife and chef.  I find that most people assume because I cross stitch that I am totally crafty and that I know how to sew.  Neither is true.  Although I have dabbled a little in other crafts, I really only cross stitch and I can’t sew a straight line on a sewing machine.
I am the one in our family that is responsible for all the housework, laundry and cooking.  Years ago when we were expecting, I quit working to be a stay at home mother and wife.  It was a decision that we made because if I continued working my entire income would have went to pay someone else to take care of my child. And lets face it… I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I don’t regret for a minute that decision. However, I know not everyone has the choice or the desire to and I respect and encourage them in their balancing of being both mom and breadwinner.
With all that said, I think I am a terrible housewife. My house is a mess, the closets, bedrooms and laundry room are filled with crap that needs to be either trashed or donated.  Right now, you could write your name in the dust, something I should be better about doing since I have two people in this house who suffer from allergies.  And I wouldn’t recommend eating off the kitchen floor…though I do let my dogs.  Thankfully, hubby never complains about the state of our house and only once, recently, made a comment about the our bedroom.  We just have to much stuff and a small house. I do feel like I spend lots of time cleaning up around the house.  I like a really clean house, magazine worthy, but I would rather have a maid instead of doing it myself.
I do the cooking and I think I do pretty well in the kitchen.  But the times that I don’t feel like cooking, hubby is willing to either pick up something, take us out or say he loves cereal night.  I love looking for new recipes on-line or in cookbooks and magazines. My collection of cookbooks is over the top.  I have recently made the decision to donate three to four boxes of cookbooks.  I boxed them up last year, and still don’t have room in the kitchen for the ones I am keeping.  And I still have to go through the boxes just to make sure which ones to donate. I am also a bit of a procrastinator.
Edited to add:
After reading a few other blogs on this subject I thought I should share….
  • People assume I am patient when the see me stitching. I am not and if you don’t believe me, ask my daughter.
  • Hubby is not a caveman type and would do the housework and cooking, but when I decided to be a stay at home, I took over that majority of that responsibility. When my hubby and I were first married, our roles were reversed since I had a full time career and he was on limited duty while in the Navy due to reconstructive knee surgery… he was later discharged and has since been awaiting the time when the military will replace his knee. He did most of the cooking then and his own laundry while we split the remaining housework.
  • I have sat down in the afternoon or decided to take a nap then mentioned to hubby that I should be doing/have done something around the house that needs doing and he always answers with “why? It looks fine to me.”

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