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Cinda B

I have a thing for bags… purse, wallets, totes, overnight/weekenders.  I love them and have way more than I need but I can’t help myself.  I have to have them!  My friend introduced me to a new designer, Cinda B, that a lovely local shop just started carrying.  So I have a new carry on and I can’t wait to pack it to go on a trip.



It opens up pretty wide for easier packing and unpacking.



A sweet little matching bag for packing


Extra long handle

I have a couple of totes on my Christmas list to add to this travel bag.

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This year for vacation we decided to spend some time down at my dad’s a few hours from us, so even though we left our house for a week, we are still calling it a stay-cation. We did random things around our old stomping grounds hanging with my dad and it was relaxing and fun. We visited Norfolk’s Botanical Gardens, Virginia Beach, rented a pontoon boat for the day at Lake Anna, went to Nauticus (a museum and battleship in Norfolk) and went to the rodeo. We also watched a lot of movies in the evenings so I managed to get some stay-cation stitching done.






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So much to share

I have so much to share, but I have so little time to actually sit down and write about it.

The Disney Cruise was with out a doubt wonderful! We have been lucky enough to have many great vacations, but this cruise has to be the best.  We enjoyed it so much that before it was over… we booked another for our 15th anniversary in October 2012, a 7 night cruise! Hannah enjoyed herself, made a couple of friends, and we even managed to enjoy adult time thanks to the kids club so that parents could go to the adult only clubs.  The shows were wonderful, too.

Here are a few pictures taken by the ship’s photographers… I haven’t been able to download the pictures we took.


I didn’t get to stitch much… maybe about 20 stitches when we were waiting to go to dinner or something one day and Hannah was watching the end of a movie while she had been waiting on us to get ready, but I did read a little bit on the drive down and back.

Now I have been busy trying to get back into the normal routine of things, and catching up on emails, blogs, laundry that I thought I wouldn’t have, PTA responsibilities and what not. Oh, and dropping some weight because I ate and ate and ate and then my jeans were a little snug fitting.  So now I am being strict with myself for a few days or so.   

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No photos

I have been busy cleaning, purging, packing, volunteering, running the munchkin back and forth to school and swim class, to get our nails done, and taking JoJo in for a follow up appointment for her ear.  And I am still not ready to leave for our vacation tomorrow.  Thank goodness we aren’t leaving until tomorrow evening.  First we are driving to my parents to drop off the dogs, then on Saturday we are driving straight to Florida!  We check in onto the cruise on Sunday.  I hope we don’t forget anything, but if we do… we do.  Jasmine, our kitty, will be home taking care of things around here with her auntie Wendy coming to check on her.  Jaz loves Auntie Wendy and I do too!!  She is a great friend.

I will be sharing lots of photos when I return!

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End of the weekend update

We have returned a couple of hours ago from my MIL.  We went down on Friday, her birthday, to send the weekend with her.  We got up very early on Saturday to go to King’s Dominion.  It was HOT!!!  Way hotter than I thought it was going to be.  We got there before opening, then did some things in the park before heading over to the water park section.  That was nice on such a hot day.  Hannah’s highlight was meeting Dora.  But we did leave around 3 pm.  Hannah was exhausted so we didn’t get a chance to try and meet Boots.  She fell asleep as soon as we changed back in our clothes from swimming.  MIL only lives about a half hour from KD so we went back to her house for showers and to go out for dinner.  Yummy!  Went to the Outback. 
Afterwards, we went to the make up store where MIL goes.  Oh, my!  It is huge.  I got a starter kit of the Bare Minerals that I have heard very good things about, a travel brush for application and a new lipstick.  I also spent enough to get a free gift with included new brushes, eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks in a cute little make up clutch.  I even actually got up this morning and put on make up.  Something I don’t do very often now that I am a SAHM.  I recall a time when I wouldn’t leave the house to check the mail until I had my hair done and face "put on". 
I didn’t get any time for stitching, so hopefully I will make up for that tonight.  I have a show or two on TiVo to watch…Monk being one of them.  Sean is going to go out to pick something up to eat tonight so I don’t have to cook.  Yay!

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Ocean City

We got up very early yesterday and left to spend the day at Ocean City.  I don’t recall ever having been despite the fact that I once lived in Baltimore and Northern VA growing up.  The weather ended up being great since it didn’t rain until after we left.  First thing we did was take Hannah right out to the water. 
Then we walked the boardwalk.  I had heard that there was a LNS there so I wanted to go.  It was much larger than I thought it would be.  It had so many charts.  Many shop exclusives of the Ocean City area.  I bought a kit of the boardwalk.  There are four in the series.  I may get the others when we go again.  There was a whole wall of Ocean City themed charts that I will have to take more time looking thru next time.  There was a model of an Ocean City map that I really wanted.  Similar to the Sue Hillis state maps but they were out of stock.  I will either call to have it mailed to me or see if they got it in next time.
We then went back out to the water.  Hannah loved it and really wants to go back.  She keeps talking about it.  Just asked me if I knew how to drive there.  I said sorta but that Daddy knows.  She then told me "Wwweeeellllll, I want you to drive us there tomorrow."  Sean and I are now talking about taking a weekend trip and staying over a night or two maybe sometime in September.  Should still be warm enough to swim.
Today I had lunch with two of my friends that I worked with at The Disney Store.  One of them I see often at the LNS.  We are pretty good friends.  Wendy is the one I went to the stitching retreat with back in April.  The other friend, Symya, I taught to stitch at the Stitch To Win at the LNS last October.  Tho I think she stitch some when she was younger or something.  Symya wants to go with us next year to the retreat and I found out that one of the ladies, Erin, that goes to the stitch night & Red Hat stitchers day wants to go to.  So I think next year the four of us will go.  It should be fun.   Wendy, Erin and I were talking about doing the SAL of The Seasons and Snapperville by Bent Creek.  I meant to ask Symya if she wanted to join us on that.
Now I will stitch for a bit before we go to Cold Stone for some ice cream.  TTFN!

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****Warning: Long entry to blog**** (originally posted July 2, 2005)
We are back from our vacation.  Almost all of it was wonderful.  (There was an episode with crayons and I would really just rather forget about it.)  Our vacation started last Friday, June 24 when we left to drive to the airport.  On the way, Sean was pulled over and received a ticket for speeding.  The officer suggested with force (okay, he wasn’t twisting his arm or anything like that) that instead of sending in the ticket with payment that he appear in court on the scheduled date.  Wonder why??  We decided that Sean should take the officer’s advice and appear in court.  I will admit that at first I was upset but it is the first ticket in over seven years.  The last ticket he received was back in April ’98 when we came up to the DC/MD area to look for a place to live.  My last ticket was in November ’95. 
Anyway we get to the airport, park the car in the long term lot, catch the bus to the terminal and start the process.  First we get our tickets, check our baggage and go thru security.  We then get something to eat before our flight and convince Hannah to take a pill…Dramamine.  Hannah, who is just shy of five and has never flown before, is excited!  She couldn’t wait for take off.  She was an absolute angel during the entire flight….never cried, never kicked a seat. 
By the time we get to Nevada, get our rental and get to the resort, it is about 1:30 am…local time, which means it was 4:30 to us.  We checked in, brought in our luggage and crashed.  And yes, Hannah was up the whole time…and was still behaving well.  :0)  The resort we stayed at was in State Line, NV about an hour from Reno.
So here is the rest of our week there.
Saturday we got up and went to breakfast then Target for snacks, water and things like that that we didn’t/couldn’t pack.  The Target, Wal-mart, etc. is in Carson City.  So we had a nice drive back down the mountain.  When we got back to the resort, we decided to check out the offerings of the resort.  Found out that they show two movies daily, so we decided to watch "The Incredibles" before going to dinner. 
Sunday we checked out the shopping, got ice cream, played at the resort playground…okay, Hannah played, I read my book and Sean just sat on the bench with me watching Hannah.  We headed back down to Wal-mart for a personal item for me…happy vacation, not!…and the film I forgot to bring for Hannah’s camera.  We got a pizza from a take-out place and took it down to the lake picnic area so we could eat it by the water. 
After breakfast on Monday, we drove around the entire lake…NV to CA way.  It is so beautiful there.  The water is a beautiful blue.  The weather is perfect.  We stopped along the way at a place to play putt-putt and then again to have lunch.  We ate at this deli wrap place.  We placed and paid for our order then was told they would bring it out to us.  There was a beautiful view of the lake.  They bring out my wrap and it is yummy.  We start to notice that other people’s orders keep getting messed up and that they still haven’t brought out Sean and Hannah’s lunch….so Sean goes in to inquire about it.  The guy making them thought he messed up the order when he made two…we ordered the same thing…and ended up giving his room mate that stopped by Sean’s wrap.  The made up another one very quickly.    The whole time we were sitting there they didn’t get an order right.  Mostly is was juice drinks that were being made wrong.   Seems juice drinks are a big thing out there.  We discovered a place called Jamba Juice that made yummy juice drinks and we went there several times.  We wish there was a juice bar here.
On Tuesday, we swam at one of the resort pools.  It was a nice day, but windy.  The water in the pool was really warm but when you came out of the water it felt a bit like early winter (read: cold) until you dried off.  I swam some, but then sat along the side and read my book.  Sean said Hannah wore him out playing in the pool.  When we had to leave she wasn’t happy about it.  I did notice a lady across the pool doing something that looked a lot like stitching, so on our way out I stopped to ask.  She was!  She was stitching a beautiful butterfly…one that is part of what I think they call a Wee Beastie.  That night we went on the M.S. Dixie Tour Cruise and had dinner on there as well.  It was beautiful and the food was pretty good too.  Part of the cruise included Emerald Bay which has a small island and Tahoe’s Hidden Castle called Vikingsholm.   
Wednesday we decided to drive around the lake again, but going from the CA side around to the NV side.  We had seen another putt-putt place that looked fun.  So on the way we stopped at Emerald Bay because you can park at the top of the cliff area, walk down and tour Vikingsholm.  WOW!  This house was amazing.  It was built in 1929 by Mrs. Lora J. Knight as a summer home after she convinced her friends who owned the land to sell it to her.  During the drive we tried to find a LNS…   there were none to be found even tho I found two listed in the area phone book.   I had hoped to get a sampler or map (like Sue Hillis’ state maps) of the area.
Our last day arrived…Thursday.  We decided to do the laundry after breakfast for two reasons….easier to pack and I wouldn’t have to do it when we got home.  Then Sean and I decided to suck it up and take the Gondola up to the top of a mountain.  Hannah really wanted to do this.  Once up there, we were glad we did it.  You can see the entire lake and it is breathtaking!  We then went back for swimming at the resort.  I opted to read and stitch by the pool first before going swimming.  Then when I got in, there were lots of people playing rough which isn’t fun to me…call me a party pooper if you want…or what I call safe for Hannah.  So, we headed back to finish packing and eat.
Friday it was up earlier to head back to Reno, return the rental and fly home.  We had a stay over in Dallas but when we got there, we had to circle the airport for about an hour and by the time the plane landed, taxied to the gate and we got off, our flight had taken off.  So we had to wait around for about 3 1/2 hours more before we were able to board another flight.  We got home pretty late and headed to bed after that. 
It was a very relaxing vacation and tho we didn’t want to leave, we are happy to be home. 
Sean got up early to go get bagels from Panera and get the dog from the vet.  I have been attempting to catch up on email, reading others’ blogs to see what they have been up to (I haven’t even made it to my groups yet!), plus we went out to Wal-mart to print some pictures, get Sean some xBox Live thing, rent movies, stopped by the LNS :0), bookstore, stop to get milk and gas up.  Still have to go grocery shopping and finish unpacking, but I have decided to do that tomorrow.   
Hoping to get some stitching in tonight…TTFN (which reminds me, I read tonight that the man the is the voice of Tigger passed away recently, and the next day the man that was the voice of Piglet passed away.  Very sad.)

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