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Since I was busy yesterday running here and there, I had also made a trip to the chiro for an adjustment and did some grocery shopping during the afternoon, I did very little of the items on my new chore list.  So today after I went for a run and did a Crossfit workout, I started doing some cleaning around the house.  The kitchen and dining room floors needed to be mopped and the house vacuumed.  Then a few other things got done, like bagging some donations and dropping them off, litter box was changed, beds made, bathroom counters wiped down and some clutter cleaned up.  After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen, scrubbing the sink and stove area.  Then sat down to stitch.  Sadly, I haven’t made one X… I am exhausted and am planning to head to bed in hopes of a good night sleep.  Early morning run tomorrow and then a family fun day has been planned.

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I am not a great housekeeper, though I do love having a clean house, I don’t usually enjoy being the one cleaning it.  I do best on a schedule so when I saw a recent Pinterest on someone’s blog I thought I would give it a try.  I have to make a few adjustments.  I prefer to do laundry in one day instead of daily.  But I am going to give this a try and see how it goes.



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(Day 2)

I can not hold back the truth any longer… I hate working out!  But I do like the benefits of just doing it anyway.  So I thought I would share with my few readers a little about my fitness routines.  Although I am not as thin or have as flat of a tummy as I was/did when Sean and I got married, in a few ways I am in better shape than I have ever been.  My legs are strong and tone, though I am working to get those stubborn inner thighs to be as tone as the rest of my legs.  I do not have the triceps wave.  And although I don’t always enjoy running, I can.  I ran a half marathon back in January with my friend, Wendy and we have FOUR more to run on our schedule in September, November, January and February (the last two also include a 10K the day before the half). I don’t think either of us really enjoy the actual running, but we both do like the medals.

After we completed the re-decorating of the family room and decided we no longer wanted to use it as our workout area, we moved some things around and converted the home office/craft room into a fitness room.  I have changed some things around in there again just a bit.  We got a proper workout mat, a corkboard and wipe board to make notes on. There isn’t a lot of room in here to workout, even smaller than the family room area, but we manage.  And we don’t workout at the same time.  (And yes, that is my messy cross-stitch area that is still waiting to be re-organized, but I have  a couple of other things to do first.)

DSC_0748    DSC_0740

Sean and I decided to get the cross-fit inspired workouts from Bob Harper.  So I have been doing these in addition to my run training. They are short workouts, but can be brutal.  And I highly recommend them to anyone that is into working out but doesn’t have a lot of time.  What I don’t like about these workouts is that all four DVDs have the same warm up, which is a good warm up but when you are doing them five days a week, something different would be welcomed.  I am use to workouts that have a cool-down and stretch, these don’t, so I sometimes do a short WAH or a 10 minute Yoga stretch.  And BURPEES!  They aren’t in every workout but in a lot of them and I hate them.  I guess Bob loves them.  We do like Bob and his workouts though as they are challenging and for me, I am way out of my comfort zone.


Between my husband and me, we have several programs, P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum, Rushfit, Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method, I have a few Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels, and a ton of WAH DVDs with Leslie Sansone.  For Christmas, Sean and Hannah gave me Jillian Michaels’ 90 Days Body Revolution and I did that program after we got back from running the Tinker Bell Half.


For me, this program was no joke but after 90 days I was able to do a few things that I never thought I would be able to do.  I still need to work on doing a few other things better.  I am thinking about repeating this program starting in March of next year, after I finish the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Jillian also loves burpees. (Insert angry face here.)

30 In 30

Recently I received the newest WAH DVD.  I am trying to work it into what I am already doing.  There are two workouts, a 30 minute walk and a 30 minute firming workout.  The DVD recommends Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the walk, and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the firming….which are my usual running days.  But I also don’t want to over do it, so we shall see.

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When we re-decorated the family room we discussed painting the shelf thingie in the room just at the bottom of the stairs sort of across from the family room. We had some small jars of paint samples so I decided to use one of them for this small project. I learned something while doing this… I am not very good at painting.  I started this on Monday after Hannah went back to school and finished the touch up today.

The before…


And after…


I need to put back my collection of Mary Moo-moos that I display on here.  The shelves are not very deep and they it perfectly.

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This room needs some work, but it’s okay for now. We don’t have a lot of company so it will serve it’s purpose when we do. The bed and desk armoire that’s in this room now was in the room across the hall that we converted into a fitness room. We had just a queen frame with mattress and box spring and a simple computer desk before the switch. This is also the room Sean uses the closet and dressers in for his clothes.






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So last year when the staff at Waverley gave me a hibiscus plant as a thank you the little insert said that it was an annual.  However, I read online that you were to bring the plant in during the winter and trim the branches.  So I had Sean bring it in and after it stopped blooming, I trimmed the branches.  Half of it was totally dead, but the other half still had leaves on the branches, so as the weather warmed up, I took it back out side.   Someone recently told me that if I trimmed off the dead half, it would be fine.  I had been planning on doing that sometime. 

We have been getting a bit of rain on and off, which has been great for my plants.  But last night we had a thunderstorm that I noticed while out this morning brought down some pretty large limbs in the neighborhood, so after we took the dogs for their morning walk, I went out to check around the back yard.  The first thing I noticed was my rosebush.  A week ago it looked like this….

Two days ago, it looked like this…

Today it looks like this…

When I turned around to go in to get the camera, I saw this!

After taking the pictures, I looked really close and counted 40 buds!  When Hannah got home from school, I went out to show her, then decided it was time to trim the dead half off.  Then I added some fresh garden soil with feed.  

I also noticed the tomatoes are really growing fast. It might be hard to tell, but they are getting bigger.  They are about twice the size of a cherry tomato.


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Almost two months ago my friend Trisha lost her battle with a brain tumor.  She was truly an amazing woman who radiated her love of God and her family.  She enjoyed life and one of the things she enjoyed was gardening.  Last year when the school gifted me with a hibiscus plant, the combination of that and my friend’s love of gardening inspired me to try one more time with gardening.  I have always wanted a garden but sadly never had much success.  I started with just a few containers and did okay, so this year I couldn’t wait to get back out there and plant.  I have done a lot more than a few containers this year.  I have a decent herb garden, attempting to have a Butterfly Garden that is trying really hard to grow, have a hanging tomato plant that is doing okay.  

On Mother’s Day there was a lovely memorial service for my friend and each family was given a memorial card with a packet of seeds. I have no idea what is going to bloom from these seeds and can’t wait to find out. I went out and bought a planter and finally planted them last week.  Two days later I saw signs of growth already and yesterday it looked like this…

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Hannah has been wanting to plant a tomato plant forever.  One year I bought one of those “as seen on TV” topsy-turvy tomato plants… it’s still in the box in the kitchen. I am not even sure if it is good still.   A few weeks ago, I stopped in Lowes and they had an upside down already started tomato plant.  I got one and hung it up outside.  A day or two later there were three of four little yellow flowers on them.  Two days ago after it rained, I went out to check the plants.  I have a couple that don’t drain and I have to tip them.  So while I was out there I noticed….

Today they look like this…


I also noticed that several of the flowers that haven’t bloomed in over a month are about to exploded with flowers.

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So, I have been busy with stuff around the house, in the garden, reading, volunteering at Hannah’s old school, things like that but I have still been stitching a little here and there.  I thought I would share a progress picture of what I am currently working on as a gift for a friend having her first baby in August.  This is Bent Creek’s Baby Row.  I have changed the one color from Galvanized to Antique Rose.

After answering the STNA Blog Hop question the other day, I decided… I am going to get back to stitching on And They Sinned.  I think I am going to make Sundays the day I stitch on it.  I think I should finish it in about…. 10 years.  🙂   Here is where I am as of right now.  I honestly can’t recall when I last worked on this project. 

And just for the fun of it… a couple of photos from the garden.

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A couple of months ago, I noticed that our already worn looking chair was looking even worse.  It hasn’t been comfy to sit in for a long time.  So a couple of weeks ago, we went to the store and picked out a new La Z Boy.  Monday I cleaned and rearranged to living furniture to get ready for Tuesday’s delivery.  The couch had been on the opposite side since November when we switched it around while cleaning the carpets.  We liked it, but since the new chair is also a recliner, we needed to switch it so that it will recline without hitting the wall.  Plus I think it looks more open this way.  I also moved our sofa table that had been under the window to the half wall that separates the the dining room and living room. 



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