Another day of progress

Between loads of laundry and evening tv I managed to get quite a bit more done. This project is really moving along. My hope is that continues and I finish this by the weekend.

In other news the family had eye exams today. Our appointments were half hours apart from 3 to 4 pm. Hannah was scheduled to go into work at 4:30. However when we got there we learned that they were running almost an hour behind. We cancelled Hannah’s appointment then Sean took Hannah to work after he did his pre exam. A good thing to because it wasn’t until 4:30 before I was actually in the exam chair.

We went to LensCrafters where they now use this digital exam and it was pretty cool. I can’t remember the last time I saw that clearly. So I’m looking forward to getting my glasses and hoping they help with stitching and reading.

Until the next update….


Continuing on

I managed to get a few more stitches on my new start. It’s coming along great I think.

For Christmas one of my best friends gifted me with an Instant Pot. She and her husband got one just around a year ago and they love it. I decided my first meal using it this week will be a pork tenderloin. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Until the next update…

New Year, New Start

Happy New Year!  I wish everyone a happy healthy new year full of love, laughter, family, friends and time doing something you enjoy.

I have a cousin getting married later this month and decided to stitch up something really quick to gift her with to commemorate the day. I had to order a couple of threads and they came this weekend. Then I decided to start the new year wih a new start. I’m really pleased with the progress I made this afternoon. t Though when I stopped to eat I had a hard time getting focused again on it and kept stopping to do oher things.

I’m also joining the Goodreads challenge and pledging to read 15 books this year. Last year i pledged to read 12 and read 26 but i wasnt stitching as much.  And i have been waiting until today to start The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen until today.

Merry Christmas

Wising you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


We had a lovely holiday here in Maryland.  Although cold, we didn’t have any snow.  Sean keeps checking the forecast and hopefully we will be getting some soon.  His mother came to visit for Christmas. Unfortunately, my dad doesn’t feel up to making the drive any longer.  He turned 82 week ago so even though I understand I missed him being here.  

Since I usually end up spending two days in the kitchen not getting to enjoy the family, I cooked a limited holiday dinner.  This year was a turkey with stuffing, corn casserole, broccoli salad and Hawaiian sweet rolls.  I skipped on mashed potatoes, green beans and watergate salad. Plus I usually like to try a new recipe or two of sides.  When my mother was alive she would also make deviled eggs.  I was planning on making sweet potatoes this year too but Sean said to save them for New Year’s dinner when I will be making a ham. I think I will make the (missed by me) watergate salad that day too but a small amount since it will be just us. I also made two types of cookies this year… a peanut butter cup that Hannah likes and a new cookie recipe I found, White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio cookies.  They were yummy and definitely a keeper as Sean says.  For dessert we had a coconut cream pie and apple crisp. 

I have been reading less and stitching more as of late.  Sean had knee replacement surgery in early November.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in waiting rooms since and have discovered that it’s the prefect time to get a bit of stitching done in addition to the time binge watching series and movies during his recovery.  He is doing amazingly well with the PT and regaining mobility, however the pain has been higher then he was expecting.  For a bit of history, Sean had two earlier surgeries for the same injury.  First in college, when he tore his ACL the first time. Playing football.  Then 20 1/2 years ago when the Navy surgeons repaired it the second time with an ACL reconstruction.  At the time the staples were removed the doctor told him he really needed a new knee but because he was only 24 years old he would have to wait.   So even though he is still pretty young, he was finally able to get the surgery.  At his two week checkup the doctor told him that the pain should be expected to be worse because of the previous surgery.  They had to remove some screws from the second surgery and so he was also healing from that which was causing some additional pain.  I keep telling him that in the end it should be worth it.  He just has to get through this.  He says he might be suffering from buyer’s remorse.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to see The Last Jedi.  We can’t wait.

Did my mojo return?

To early to tell but I did stitch two nights in a row.  

One of my best friends and I text everyday.  Since we don’t live in the same state modern technology helps us to be able to keep up with each other’s everyday life. She stitches also. As a matter of fact, some years ago she and I drove head first into the hobby together.  It was my second attempt with the hobby but the first time had been with stamped cross stitch. 

During a text conversation this past weekend, I mentioned that I was considering getting a lap stand but I needed one that would hold a qsnap.  I  started having to use a magnifying light (late last or earlier this year I think) and the  weight of holding it is a bit annoying at times. I had searched online before but didn’t find what I was looking for but after mentioning it to Bird I searched again. Success! Amazon truly does have everything. 

So I ordered it and received it two days later. 

Night one

Night two

What’s been going on

I’ve been running, reading and not much else. I’ve hardly stitched in months.  Not sure if it is an issuewith my glasses and not really being able to see that great, the projects I’m working on or just a lack of interest. Which I am not sure is the case.  I think aobut stitching but I just don’t actually stitch.

We did go to Disney for the new year and Tennessee for vaction this summer.  We rented a cabin in the woods, packed up the dogs, out daughter and her friend.  It was bliss.  We had our coffee and a night cap on the front porch with a beautiful view of the mountains.  Plus at night we had a perfect view of the fireworks from Dollywood.  We took the girls to both the dollywood parks and had a blast.  Sean and I visited a couple moonshine places and did tasting.  The girls either swam at the pool or hung out in the hot tub on the back deck.  It was lovely and weve already been talking aobut the next time we go.

Sean and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary in October and will be taking a week long cruise.  Forntunately for us, I don’t think our cruise path will be affected, but please mother nature, ease up with the hurricanes. Those islands have had enough of your wrath.  

Happy Spring 

I’ve been spending a lot of time these last few weeks out in our yard. Our back yard needs lots of work but it’s getting there. Part of the problem is our back yard is sloped so over the years we have had the erosion happen due to rain. That is part of the reason we had the patio with retaining wall put in ten years ago. 

Due to our plans to travel last year to Europe then instead my surprise health issues we didn’t do anything last year in the yard. And I mean we didn’t do anything but mow. So there was a lot of clean up and weeding to be done. I should have taken more before photos but I have mostly after photos to share. 

I refer to this as the step garden. The previous owners planted veggies here. When we first moved in we put the “steps” in the middle of the five tiers and change the top tier over to just grass. We also planted lots of plants and seeds but only two plants lived. This picture was taken after I weeded the left side but every year we just weed out both sides and refresh the mulch. 

After the right side was weeded though the steps still need weeding. You can see the only two plants that survived over the years. One on each side. 

This year I decided I wanted to put in some rose bushes. I have actually been wanting to do this for years and decided this year it wouldn’t be just a plan but an action. And yes, the actual steps still need weeding. 

(Right side)

(Left side)
Along the top tier I planted tons on seeds that will hopefully grow into a lovely garden to attract bees and butterflies.  The steps will be weeded and new rocks put in around the round stone steppers. 

I also cleaned off the patio and did some Container Gardening and replanted mints & lavender in the planters along the sunroom. 

And lastly, a few years ago Sean dug out the area in front of the underneath entrance of the sunroom. Due to the erosion of the yard it was becoming harder and harder to open the doors. Sadly one of the doors was broken due to this and Sean removed it earlier this year so it will need to be replaced.  When he dug out this area the dirt was just piled next to the tree and just sat there. I finally had enough with it and spread the dirt around the tree and seeded it. 

And yesterday I noticed new grass growing.  

So the rest of the yard still needs reseeding for grass, we need to get mulch for the step garden along with the rocks and new rocks for the entrance area under the sunroom.  There are a few other things I like to do put they will have to wait until next spring I think. For now I’m just waiting for the rain to stop so that I can sit out on the patio and enjoy my morning coffee.