I did finally find the mistake in the border and finished the stitching of it.


I’ve been stitching on the first square and it is such a fun stitch. I can’t wait to catch up but I’m not sure I will before April comes out.



I’ve been meaning to post about this. A couple of weekends ago my friend, Wendy and I participated in the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Much like the Tinker Bell weekend where we ran a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday except we received the challenge medal in addition to the race medals.

Although I had been running some since the Tinker Bell, I hadn’t been running enough.  Mostly thanks to the weather this winter.  It has been negative temperatures cold with more snow and ice then we are used to getting.  So at the beginning of February I did join an area Planet Fitness so that I could at least run a few times using a treadmill.  Let me tell you, if I thought I didn’t enjoy running before, I really didn’t enjoy running on a treadmill.

The weather here has been very cold and the weather in Florida on race weekend… humid! On the half marathon morning at 3:30 am prior to the start of the race is was some where around 90%.  The below picture was a screen shot I took after the race.


But Both mornings we still got out there and got it done.  And that is what matters.  Receiving those medals is the goal and that is what we did.

20140309-131353.jpg      20140309-131414.jpg

20140309-131432.jpg      20140309-131505.jpg



I Survived!

Fourteen years ago today while driving to work there was an accident. My car was t-boned by another car, split in half and went airborne. I don’t remember the accident at all. I do recall coming to, asking what was happening, being told there was an accident and that they were using the “Jaws of Life” to get me out of the car. I knew there was something important I needed to let them know, but couldn’t recall right away what it was, through I did eventually remember. I was flown by helicopter to Baltimore. My injuries included some cuts and bruises, I bit thorough my lower lip, my eye looked like I went a round with Ali and lost, and I had four hairline fractures in my left hip and tailbone.



My car-baby that I had just paid off two months before the accident. 😦



What the article doesn’t mention because the reporter didn’t know and was the thing that I was trying to remember that I needed to tell the EMTs, is that I was fourteen weeks (on that very day) along in a high-risk pregnancy. I was to go to an appointment that afternoon to check on the cervical cerclage the doctor had put in two weeks before. Thankfully, I left the hospital the next day, still pregnant but on three months mostly bed-rest. Hannah was born early but not until July 15th.

I am grateful every day that we both survived that day.

Once upon a time I stitched

I have been stitching and really enjoying it lately. The is my progress on Once Upon A Time designed by The Frosted Pumpkins. And no, the photo isn’t great. It’s a mystery sample that once you sign up you receive a block via email each month. The first month was a dozy since you received the January block and border. I am way behind. I didn’t receive my fabric until late in the month and I am a very slow stitcher but I am enjoying it and that is what matters.


The Year of the Dragon

Ok, so it’s the Year of the Horse but my daughter was born in the Year of the Dragon and the other the day while checking out the cross stitching magazines at the book store I noticed one with this in it …


I’ve decided that I must stitch it for my daughter who just so happens to LOVE dragons.

A new program


Trying something new. I have been wanting to try this for a while so when I saw it at Bed, Bath & Beyond at a discount plus with one of their coupons, I decided I couldn’t pass it up.

Today was day one. Very different than my usual workouts and I’m not overly fond of her lack of instruction but I am feeling some muscle soreness and fatigue so we shall see after a few days and weeks.  I am also lacking in the dance skills and it’s pretty obvious during the cardio dance portion, but I just tried to keep moving even though I had no idea what the moves were that she was doing.  She says that you will get it after doing it a few times so again, we shall see.

Show off

I wrote about going to Disneyland this month and running both the brand new 10K and the Half Marathon for a second time.  Disney didn’t offer this a challenge… meaning there wasn’t a third medal given to those running both races.


While at the Wine & Dine expo in November, we saw the below medal hanger and I knew I was going to want it, so while at the Tink expo I ordered one and it arrived yesterday.



Next month I will be heading down to WDW with my friend and we will be running in the Princess Half Marathon weekend running the 10K and Half but earning a third medal… The Glass Slipper challenge medal.  But also receiving a special Coast to Coast medal, which will be added to this hanger.  Hopefully, Sean will be able to hang this one and my Magic Miles hangers this weekend.