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Notes from last month:  So, onto the goals for October.  I am really keeping this one short and sweet.  We are going on vacation at the end of the week to celebrate our anniversary.  The rest of the month is as busy but I just haven’t had much stitching time lately, so we will see what happens…

  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish, really) Alyssum Scissor Case ~  Finished the stitching! Now I only have to actually finish it into a scissor case
  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ Not so much this month….
  • Continue stitching on Circus of Circles by Ink Circles ~ I didn’t stitch on this at all
  • Continue stitching on Bent Creek’s monthly snappers ~  I did stitch on this project
  • This wasn’t the best month of stitching.  We were on vacation and then I sort of lost my mojo though I am not really sure that was the problem.  I think I am just tired and really need to get a few weeks of some decent sleep.  Daisy is sleeping most of the night now, so it may happen.  :0)

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    I am actually stitching even if it is just a little.  I have been spending most evenings lately doing other things, surfing the web, vegging in front of the TV, thinking about stitching but not.  Saturday I got into the groove of stitching a bit and it has kept up the last couple of days. 

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    This is the face of trouble!  Don’t fall for the cuteness.  I am not kidding….serious trouble.

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    I am sure I have been busy

    …I am just not sure what I have been busy with this week.  Monday I did a couple loads of laundry and took Daisy & Jasmine to the vet.  Jaz is a very healthy kitty says our vet.  This was her yearly check-up and we were happy to see her weight is fine.  Being an indoor cat, her gaining to much weight is a concern, but she is a thin little thing really.  Daisy is doing much better.  Nothing but an upset tummy from something she got into…but no virus or anything like that.  She is sleeping soundly in my lap right now and she seems quite sweet…her little horns go in while she is sleeping.  LOL  Through not yet housebroken she is doing much better in that area as well.  She has finally (knock on wood) not having accidents in her crate so we have slowly been opening it to give her a bit more room, a little bit at a time just in case. 

    Tuesday I volunteered in Hannah’s class.  That will be my normal day again this year.  Hannah likes me staying in class with her.  Grocery shopping after that.  I haven’t a clue what I did Wednesday, I guess pretty much nothing until I picked Hannah up from school.  We came home to do homework right away and then went to the movies to see "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D.  Can you believe I have never seen this Disney movie?  Sean didn’t much care of it.  He can’t believe that this is such a poplar one.

    Thursday I went down to the LNS for a little stitching…and I do mean little.  I got to get the 8th Red Thread snapper (still need to get 6 & 7 when she is able to get those in), the new Halloween Snapper leaflet and The Big House zipper kit that is part of The Big Zipper project.   Friday was errands and that is about it. 

    Sean went to work at his usual time on Thursday morning and return last night at about 11:30 pm.  Yes, working straight.  He is sleeping right now and I expect he will be most of the day.  We were going to go to a pumpkin patch last night but considering he was at work and it was raining steadily for the last few days, we are hoping to go tomorrow. 

    I have hardly been stitching this month.  And it is starting to get to me.  Hopefully today I can get back into a groove with it.  Mostly I think it is because I am just so tired, not getting nearly enough sleep.  The good news is that may be changing soon…Daisy has slept through the night the last two nights, now if she keeps it up.

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    Not much happening today.  It is laundry day and I have started a couple of loads, but I haven’t gotten far.  And now I have to take Jasmine for her yearly check up.  I also have to take Daisy in because the poor thing has a bit of an upset stomach all weekend.  Poor thing…poor us too because we were up most of the last three nights taking her out.  Hopefully, it is just a little bug and she will be on her way to feeling better soon.

    I haven’t been doing much stitching but did manage to finish the stitching on Alyssum Scissor Pocket.

    Just have to finish it in the actual scissor pocket now.

    Hannah finished the art portion of her monthly homework project.  This month she had to collect leaves and then create an animal with them.  She decided to make a cat.  Tonight she has to do a short report on cat facts.

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    Where is time going?

    I can’t believe we have been back a week tomorrow.  I feel like I have gotten nothing done this week, but it has been very busy.  Monday we picked up the dogs.  They somehow managed to teach Daisy to eat in a normal calm way instead of inhaling it the way she had been eating as though she had never eaten before or thought she might never eat again.  We also had a Parent Teacher Conference which went pretty well.  Hannah is doing well in school.  Math is a very strong subject for her and her reading level is towards the end of second grade level…maybe higher.  Her teacher said the books he has her reading right now are way easy for her and that he was going to move her into novels soon.  She already reads those at home!  Yay for her for doing so well.

    Tuesday was the day the PTA provided dinner for the teachers who are putting in long hours for the week.  It amazes me how much food the parents bring in.  PTA provides the fried chicken that they love and parents provide drinks, desserts, salads and side dishes.  I made my fav pasta salad and the Best-Ever Corn Casserole (thanks to Tanya for the recipe on her blog).  It was a big hit and several asked for the recipe. 

    Wednesday was a regular school day and was also the Light On After School program that I helped man the PTA table at our school.   Thursday the kids got out at noon.  We hung around the playground way longer than I planned after school.  Came home and Hannah had a nose bleed.  First ever but not the last.  She had a second one right after dinner when she was getting ready for Tae Kwon Do.  We decided that it would be a better idea to skip last night because we didn’t want her to have another one in class.  Could be cause by anything so what to do.  I decided not to give her the Flonase she has been on for over a year with no issues for at least a couple of days.  But really, it could be caused by the dry air or anything so we will see. 

    I finished reading a book I had been reading forever while we were on vacation, then I read another book in TWO DAYS!!!  I haven’t picked up another one yet nor have I done any stitching.  Perhaps this weekend I will do one or the other.   Another we will see.  :0)

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    So we are back from our trip.  It was a long trip down and back but the week was great.  We had a wonderful time.  We got up at 3 am on Saturday and drove to FL arriving around 4ish in the afternoon.  We checked in and unpacked the car then our suitcases.  Sean said he was just going to live out of his suitcase, but I said I couldn’t so he unpacked too.  Hannah unpacked herself and was very proud to show off her dresser.  She had her own room and loved it.

     Hannah’s room  Our room with tub 

      Kitchen and Dining Room…neither of which we really use.  Hey, I am on vacation!!!   Living Room

    After unpacking we headed down to the mall to the M&M World store then out to dinner.

    Sunday we got up early and headed to Epcot for the Fairytale Breakfast.  We finally saw Belle in her yellow ballgown…all our trips to Disney & this was the first time.  Another first…Mulan!  She was at the breakfast too.  Along with Jasmine, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

    After that we went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney.  We walked around there for a bit and went ahead with getting souvies for everyone. 

    Monday we went to Typhoon Lagoon and had a blast.  We went to Fazoli’s for dinner and to a couple of outlet malls.

    Tuesday we went to MGM and was there the whole day staying for the evening show of PhantasMic.  Hannah rode the Rock-N-Roller Coaster…she didn’t like it…and the Hollywood Tower of Terror.  She loved that one.  We picked up Taco Bell to eat at the hotel since it was so late.

    Wednesday was a busy day.  I thought our plans were on Thursday but thankfully we called to confirm before leaving home.  First we had breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at the Polynesain Resort.  Then we headed over to Magic Kingdom.  We went thur a few shops then headed to Fantasyland rode all the rides there with little to no wait.  Then we went to the Castle where they have the Bibiddi Bobiddi Bootique.  We had a reservation for Hannah to get a princess makeover.  We were surprised that all she had been talking about was Jasmine and wanting a costume.  It was very hard for us having to say no everytime, because we knew about the makeover, she didn’t.

    Thursday was our anniversary!  Ten years.  Sean and I exchanged gifts.  He gave me an anniversary band with ten stones!  And I gave him the framed Bent Creek’s Wedding Row.  A little uneven it seems, yes, but I gave him what he really wanted later. :0)  When I asked if he liked the cross stitch he said that he did, that he loves everything I stitch.  He even asked if I used that multi-colored thread on it and asked when I stitched it.  After that we started the day off with breakfast, swimming at the pool, dinner at Bahama Breeze and then we went back to Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Trick or Treating.  Hannah wore her Jasmine costume again for that.

    Friday was Animal Kingdom.  First the Safari then we headed for FastPasses at the Everest roller coaster.  Hannah loved it.  It was one of the best ever.  We headed back to the hotel to pack, have dinner and get to bed early.  We got up again at 3 am to start the drive home. 

    Today Sean is watching football, I have decided to start the laundry, need to run to Walmart to pick photos from our trip, bread, dog food and whatnots.  We go in the morning to pick up the puppies.  Jasmine…our cat…is loving the freedom of roaming the house without the dogs, so she will be sulking tomorrow.  :0(

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    We will be leaving in a
    few hours.  Sean is in bed now and I should be heading there soon. 
    Hannah wasn’t happy about going to bed early as this is her late night.  We
    had to drop the pups off at the vet and actually went down to the kennel
    area.  I had wanted to see the space where the were going to be
    kept.  Their kennel area is much larger than we thought it would be
    and they have an outside run area too.  I hope that when we bring them back
    home that they will be over each other.  LOL  Really I am hoping that
    they will lay down near each other quietly, because they have yet to do
    that.  I was sad to leave them and though I have been enjoying the quiet at
    the same time I miss the noise.
    I had wanted to post an
    entry on our actual anniversary, but we have decided not to take a computer with
    us, so I guess I will now…
    Back in October 1996, my
    BFF-N and I went out…me on the prowl :0) and she has my wing woman since she
    was engaged at the time.  We went to this local club and a couple of
    minutes after we got there she pointed out this guy, asked "What about
    him?"  "He’ll do" I said.  So I met this guy, Sean, chatted the rest
    of the night, gave him my number and he called the next day.  We
    met at the movies and saw "Thinner".  He was in the Navy at the time and
    left for a week out to sea that next day.  When he got back we met of
    drinks.   Six weeks after meeting, he asked me if I would marry
    him…and I said yes!  We got married on October 11, 1997 and the rest, as
    they say, is history.  I have loved (almost LOL) every minute of being
    married to this wonderful man.  He has been a wonderful husband,
    father, provider to our family and most importantly, my best friend.  I
    couldn’t be more blessed.  I look forward to our future together and
    celebrating the next ten years and the next after that and the next after that
    and the next after that and the next after that….. 

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    Note from last month: Here are my goals for the month with the main focus being on Wedding Row at every available moment…

  • Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House the second Saturday of the month ~ Nope…didn’t stitch on it
  • Continue secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, an anniversary present for Sean ~  Yes!  Finished!
  • Continue stitching a SB&F’s Spring Joy sampler (UFO project piece) ~  Yes!  Finished!
  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish, really) Alyssum Scissor Case ~   Stitched on it a little
  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~  Almost every Sunday….
  • Continue stitching on Circus of Circles by Ink Circles if I finish Wedding Row and Spring Joy ~ Even though I did finish the other two projects, I didn’t stitch on this.  Instead I have been working on Bent Creek’s monthly snappers because it has been screaming to be stitched on lately and I couldn’t stand the noise anymore.  :0)

    So, onto the goals for October.  I am really keeping this one short and sweet.  We are going on vacation at the end of the week to celebrate our anniversary.  The rest of the month isn’t as busy but I just haven’t had much stitching time lately, so we will see what happens…

  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish, really) Alyssum Scissor Case ~   Stitched on it a little
  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~  Almost every Sunday….
  • Continue stitching on Circus of Circles by Ink Circles
  • Continue stitching on Bent Creek’s monthly snappers
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