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Sean and I have decided instead of driving to FL over two days, to just drive straight through on Friday and check in two days early.   That way we can just get there and relax then.  We will spend Sunday at Clearwater Beach.  I have never been and though I am not a “beach” person, I am looking forward to going.  Sean says the water is, well, clear.  Unlike that on the East Coast where it is not.

A few weeks ago I entered a drawing to win the new American Girl doll, Rebecca Rubin.  She is the newest historical doll, is a Russian-Jew growing up in 1914 New York City.  On Friday afternoon, I received a call from Barnes & Nobles with the news… My name was drawn out of about 1000 entries!  We went and picked her up today.

Meet Rebecca Rubin


She is so beautiful.  Hannah is just in love with her.  Now she has three AG dolls, Lily (a Just Like You, her first that we got her on our first trip to NYC), Kit Kittridge (historical doll growing up in the Depression, Hannah saved her money and bought this one herself) and new Rebecca. 

Oh, Hannah’s birthday is coming up in just over a week.  She received a gift card from Sean’s mom a couple of days ago.  She wanted the new DSi but I told her I wouldn’t buy it for her because she already had a perfectly good DS.  Sean, however explained to her that she could trade it in, with her credit and gift card, she could get the new one.  So that is what she did.  We had to pay an extra $18 but at least that was all.  Last night I ripped her CDs to a SD card, and her DSi is now loaded with all her favorite music, plus a camera.  She is having a lot of fun with it.  It has tons of features where you can make the music sound different or edit photos.

I am still trying to decide what to pack for vacation as far as stitching goes.  I just can’t decide if I should take something new to start or something needing to be finished.  I have to decide something soon.  Lots to do this week, including packing everything up.

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