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For some time now we have needed a new small table in our bedroom under the window.  Kitty needs a perch to sit on.  A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted a small bookcase or table with shelves under it so that I have some place to put my ever growing pile of books I have to read.  Yesterday we stopped in Kirkland’s and found something.  It is a little taller than the table that we had there but it works.  Kitty likes it.  I caught her looking all pretty when I woke up this morning sitting right in the center of it.  Sean put it together last night for me and I got right to work putting my books on it.


The top row of books are all books I have not yet read… all but two of them.  Half the shelf is from the Anita Blake series by Linda Hamilton.  I have read two of them on the shelf, but have the last two coming from my friend Wendy who I started reading the series about the same time as… I am on book three, she is done. Speed reader, she is!  The bottom shelf is some books I have read… Twilight Series, Sookie Stackhouse series and Queen Betsy series.  Then the rest are books I have to read.  Including the Edgar Sawtelle and Water for Elephants (Black and red striped book) moving on down to the end of the shelf.


I have never considered myself a “shoe girl” but lately, I am finding myself buying more and more shoes.  We went yesterday to DSW to use a rewards certificate and to get Sean a pair of dress shoes.  He got some new shoes, but I also walked out with these red heeled beauties.

These gorgeous royal purple ones I picked up a couple of weeks ago at Payless during the BOGO sale.

Friday a bunch of us took our kids down to the free outdoor concert for a local band called The Reagan Years.  They are really good and play all the best of the ‘80s.  The kids got into the music, even though Hannah kept calling it grown up music.


And I have been stitching, not everyday, but a lot more than in recent months.  I am happy to be making progress again.

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It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The sun is shining and the weather is warm with a nice breeze.  It has been a raining gloomy week, so today is so welcomed.  We decided to cook out… some ribs and corn.  Yummy!

I plan on getting some stitching done today while watching some shows on the DVR.  And of course, later I will be watching True Blood.  I love this show.  It is so good.  I am even wearing my “Fangtasia” T-shirt today because I am a dork.  :0)

Our dog Daisy had to have a broken tooth extracted on Friday.  Poor little thing came home all sorts of out of it.  She is on a pain med and antibiotic now too.  And she is out of it the first couple of hours after taking her pain pill.  We got her a little blankie to snuggle during her recovery.  She is so cute with it.

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Another Day

…and not much has gotten done.  I worked out, took Hannah to school, stopped by two local banks, picked up a game to give to a friend of Hannah’s so they can play each other on the DSi, got some gas, hung out pups, went to the dentist then the grocery store.  I also did one load of laundry.  I wanted to take a nap but now it is to late because I have to go pick up my sweet munchkin and take her to swim class.  That means I don’t have to cook tonight… cereal night!

I am stitching a little and hope to stitch tonight.

I might have to go to bed early.  I just don’t think I am getting enough sleep. 

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Wondering how

Hannah is becoming that age that she is starting to get her heart broken.  Not by boys yet, thankfully, I don’t think I can handle that, but by her friends.  To be honest I am not sure that I can handle this either.  She has a friend that is a couple of years older than her and has just entered sixth grade to Hannah’s forth.  At the end of the school year last year, her friend told her that she probably wouldn’t be inviting her to her birthday party because now that she was in middle school she had a reputation to keep.  Since the reason that they are friends is because her mother and I are friends, I felt comfortable enough to mention this to my friend.  It isn’t a big deal really, but I don’t think you should hurt feelings to keep your reputation.  For the most part, nothing has really changed in their friendship and I had hopes that it wouldn’t.   Although there have been a few other comments from Hannah that her friend has made to her that I have wanted to step in on, I haven’t.

Hannah was so concerned over the summer that she wouldn’t see her friend anymore once the school year started, that my friend and I agreed that we would make an effort to have them get together.  At Hannah’s school we have movie night sponsored by the PTA on the first Friday of the month and last night was our first one of the new school year.  since my friend is also very involved with the PTA she came last to help and she brought her daughter, much to Hannah’s delight, and her new 6th grade friend.  As far as I could tell, for the most part everything seemed fine.  My friend told me that she spoke with her daughter before coming about how we still treat our friends even if we have new ones.

As we moms were chatting on our way out, the older girls got in the car and Hannah asked if she could say goodbye and I told her yes, we were getting ready to go.  As I was walking to my car, I saw Hannah, looking a little strange, staring straight ahead.  I asked her if everything was okay when I got in the car and she said yes. 

However, later she said to me, “Mommy, do you think A is embarrassed by me?”  To which I replied “Why would you ask that?”  She then said “Well, usually when we see each other we give a hug and when we say goodbye we hug each other, but when I went and said goodbye to A tonight, we didn’t hug and then she said to me “Usually when people say bye, they go.”   To me this explains the strange way Hannah looked sitting in the car.  Her feelings were hurt and I am not sure that she is able to recognize that or know how to deal with it.

I am not really sure what to do.  I don’t want my daughter to be treated that way.  And I asked her if she wanted me to say something to A or her mother, but she said no, it will only make it worse.  So I told her the next to be sure to tell A that there is no need to be rude.  Hannah is really a sweet kid.  Sean is always saying that she is to nice and people are going to walk all over her.  And I don’t want to change her sweetness, but as the same time I want her to stand up for herself.  So i am just at a loss. 

I remember when I was around this age, I went on to sixth grade while by best friend then was in fifth grade and I don’t think I treated her that way.  At least, I hope I didn’t.  Of course, if I did, my mother would have had me over her knee. 

My heart breaks for my daughter.

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I didn’t start anything new but I am still thinking about it.

I am waiting for LHN The Library to come out sometime this month.  Without even seeing it yet… I know I have to have it.

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