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I am really enjoying stitching on LHN’s The Library.  It is a joy to work on.  I am making decent progress, though slowed down from the first week.  Losing stitching time for reasons beyond my control. 

This week I have the book fair at Hannah’s school.  My fourth and final year chairing it.  Passing on the torch to someone else next year since Hannah will be going to middle school.   I do love the book fair but will be glad not to have the weight of it.  We don’t have a lot of parents that volunteer, so I am the only one able to be there to run it.  Which means this week I will be at the school up to 12 hours each day.  But if it helps to get one kid to pick up a book and fall in love with reading, it is worth it. 

Seems fitting to be stitching on The Library. 🙂

(Edited 2/22 … We got some snow last night and school was cancelled, so I lost a whole day at the book fair.  Not sure yet if the school will allow us to extend into next week.)

Hannah seems to have found a new hobby.  After sewing together the pencil topper we went to the craft store and she found a sewing project that she wanted to do for her BFF’s birthday coming up.  It’s a door hanger with a pocket to put messages in.  I think she did a pretty good job.  Still trying to get her to let me teach her to stitch… she is still resisting. 

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if I will have time to stitch this for the principal…

or this for the music teacher…

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My new WIP

Since finishing the snapperbets last week, on Tuesday I started The Library by Little House Needleworks.  I am loving stitching on this one.

My daughter, Hannah, picked out a couple of craft projects a couple weeks ago when we stopped in AC Moore to get a couple of things for her family tree project.  One of the kits was making pencil toppers.  She made one and really enjoyed it.  We are going to the craft store to see if they have more of this type of craft. 

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It’s finished!

I was hoping to finish this before the end of last year… I was determined to finish it before the end of January since I didn’t meet the end of the year goal.  I stayed up late last night but it is finished!  Unless I decide to put the teacher’s name on it… still debating that.

And in honor of finally finishing this, I have decided to have a give a way.  If you are interested in the pattern below, leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name on Friday. 

I have also been very busy working with Hannah on her Family Tree Project that is due this Friday.  I have been putting together the names and dates in My Heritage Program while Hannah has been writing a report based on her interviews with me, Sean and my Dad.  Over the weekend we put together a family tree poster of her ancestors and made a family recipe so we could take a picture to include with the recipe.  All that is left to do is type the report, edit it and print it off to turn in.

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