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Has it really been over two years since I last posted?  Wow! Time flies.  Lots has been happening over the last two years that I don’t think can be covered in one post.  I am hoping to start blogging more this year.  Recording my personal history is something I hope that my daughter will appreciate some day.

I am still running.  I have run several races since I posted in September 2014 and have several scheduled to run this year.  Plus my friend and I have plans for future races we want to do… Like celebrate our 50th birthdays together running the half marathon in Disneyland Paris.  It will also be the 5th year of Disney hosting a race there.

And I have been stitching some, too.  Not as much as I would have liked.  There were several months that I wasn’t able to stitch at all but I will cover that in a future post.

Yesterday and today I have been playing it lazy while fighting off a cold.  I am a big believer in the use of Zicam so I have been taking that since yesterday and I have faith in the healing power of chicken soup.  So I am sure you can guess what I have been eating the last two days.

Until the next post,

Happy Stitching!

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